Saturday, May 31, 2008

Why'd they bring it to the Russians?

You know who I love? Brad Pitt. Especially when he's in a role where he gets to shine comically.

This site has the trailer for the new Coen Brothers movie, Burn After Reading. It looks true to old wacky Coen Brothers form. Plus, it also stars George Clooney, Frances McDormand, John Malkovitch, Tilda Swinton and JK Simmons. Awesomeness all around.

Oh, and Brad dances. Watch it.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Cosmopolitans and Milanos.

There are three girls in my life that, if we were all in the same place at the same time and had the resources (ahem, money) to spend our time brunching at someplace awesomely greasy while talking about men and sex and clothes, followed by marathon shopping for shoes, followed by hours of drinking martinis, we would very much be like the ladies in Sex and the City. None of us is an exact Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha or Miranda, though I think we each have many of their collective traits. In a perfect world, we'd all be in the same place so that we could have seen this movie together rather than one being on an air craft carrier in the Middle East, one in St. Louis and the other in LA while I'm here in RI.

The movie wasn't exactly as tightly paced as the TV show was; I'd heard it was cut a little long and I'd agree with that. They could have trimmed some scenes, cut others entirely, and added a little more depth to Jennifer Hudson's character (especially after hearing Carrie's statement to her towards the end). But did it make me cry? Yes. Did it make me laugh? Yes. Did it make me miss my girls? YES. Very much.

It also made me want to get some blue shoes.

Insert brain explosion here.

I have thoughts about the Lost finale. The problem is that I'm having trouble processing them. I think the show finally managed to break my brain. I'll post something coherent later but right now I need to go see the Sex and the City movie.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ridiculously cute.

Shia on the Late Show with David Letterman. Talking about when he got arrested in Chicago last year. And about the cutest mug shot ever taken.

Who do you want me to be?

More Dollhouse stuff. Joss and Eliza being adorable together.


Here are a few things to keep you busy while you're impatiently counting down the hours until it starts.

The Lost scripts are full of the word fuck. (Very true. Reading the casting sides always made me laugh). has posted some scenes from the finale if you're too impatient to wait. I'm tempted, but not tempted enough to ruin the experience of watching it when it airs.

This is apparently the "hardest Lost quiz ever". It's definitely hard. I got 1298 out of 3900 . HAHAHA.

Jorge Garcia (Hurley) has a blog. Read it. He's funny.

Entertainment Weekly has the "Best 15 Moments from Season 4". Agree? Disagree? Discuss. Some of my favorite moments are on the list, especially this one:


7 hours to go for me. Longer for you West Coasters. Expect lots of HOLY SHIT OMG WTF's tomorrow.

Bend me, break me, breaking down is easy

Shirley Manson, my first ever girlcrush, will be joining the cast of The Sarah Connor Chronicles next season. Just another reason I should watch that show.

Oh, she's also releasing a solo album that will feature appearances by Jack White, Billy Corgan and Beck (among others), and which will be produced by her Garbage bandmate and producer extraordinaire Butch Vig. AWESOME.

Hey batter batter SUH-WING batter!

I just thought this Sports Illustrated cover was funny. Plus, the Yankees doing shitty is always a fun thing to talk about.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Roundup 3.

  • Rainn Wilson has been cast as a professor in Transformers 2.
  • Trailer for He's Just Not That Into You. Yes, chick flick probably to end all chick flicks, but come on. Look at that cast!

  • Some guy got a tattoo of David Cross as Tobias Funke on his arm. David Cross is, understandably, "not comfortable with this".
  • Some little Upper East Sider made an attempt at copy-catting Gossip Girl with her own little bitchy blog. And then it disappeared amid rumors that she was expelled from school (which would put her on the D-list, right?). But I think the real reason the blog disappeared is because there wasn't anyone in it as interesting as Chuck Bass.
  • Woody Harrelson is going to starve himself for 40 days to see what it does to his mind. So, can we officially call him crazy now?

Get ready to have your minds blown tomorrow night

The Season 4 finale of Lost is tomorrow night. I'm excited, are you?

Here's a YouTube video someone put together of all of the flash forwards in "chronological order". I don't thing they got it exactly right, but it's close enough. I know beggars can't be choosers, but had I put it together, there would be more dialogue. But it's a decent refresher for tomorrow's shenanigans.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

An Active is the truest soul among us.

Here's a new interview with Joss Whedon about Dollhouse that gives a little insight into the plot of the show.

Question: The early impression was that it was more of a secret agent thing; like they were assassins. Is that part of it?

Whedon: Well, she's not never gonna tote a piece, but that's not what the show is. People thought it was like an Alias thing. The two things we have to disabuse people of is one, she's not toting a gun every week. That's not what it's about. It's a human drama with some action and there's always suspense, because as she becomes self-aware, the dollhouse becomes kind of a dangerous place for her. So there's always that friction. But it could be a romantic comedy one week. Eliza jokes that this is a cure for her ADHD. I say it's a cure for mine.

And also has a little fanboying over Tahmoh Penikett.

Question: I know you're a big Battlestar fan. Was it great for you to get to work with Tahmoh Penikett?

Whedon: I'm gonna go out on a limb here and tell the truth – I've had a man-crush on Tahmoh since the first episode of Battlestar.

Question: From the moment he stayed behind on Caprica?

Whedon: I had a feeling about him. I just had a feeling about him. I know, he gave up his seat to Baltar! Not bright, but cute! But no, he just has a presence.

So, Joss has created what, in theory, could be the perfect show. Action, humor, romance. I really hope Fox doesn't fuck it up.

In case you missed it, here's the official preview:

Everybody knows that girls love robots.

Anyone have $8000 they want to give me? Because I really want this.

How cool is that?

Attention BSG Fans in LA.

The Envelope is having a Screening Series at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood on June 11th at 7:00 for Battlestar Galactica. While all of the other shows that will be showcased (Big Love, Mad Men among others) will have 200+ seats, the BSG screening will have 800.

The creators and cast will be there. Which specific members of the cast haven't been released yet. Does it matter? Frakkng go so I can live vicariously through you.

Why is all the great stuff happening after I leave?

Jump on board.

I've been on the Robert Downey Jr. bandwagon ever since I was ten years old, when I saw The Pick Up Artist (by sneaking in to see it with a friend after my stepmother dropped us off, thinking we were going to see some kid's movie. Haha). I wanted to marry him. I've seen almost all of his movies. And now everyone and their mother love him. Sigh. But, it's doing great things for his career, like the rumor that he'll be playing Hef in a biopic called Playboy.

Good for you, RDJ. I always knew you were more than just a pretty face.

PS: Go see Iron Man if you haven't yet. It's awesome.

She's a Maneater.

Are you kidding me? One of the greatest bands from my childhood, Hall & Oats, played two shows at the MOTHERFUCKING TROUBADOUR and I wasn't there?

I think I might cry.


The Russians hate Indiana Jones. they not realize that the movie takes place in 1957 at the height of the Cold War? I'm pretty sure - not 100% because I haven't researched - that the Germans didn't have huge problems with Indy during The Last Crusade when Nazis were the bad guys in the film. So, are Russians just ultra sensitive?

I saw the movie this weekend. It's fun and campy in that Indiana Jones way. I can see why it's getting mixed reviews, but I don't completely understand what all the people that reviewed it poorly were expecting. It's INDIANA JONES. You suspend belief. I'm pretty sure regular people can't swing from things using bull whips, or outrun huge boulders. It's fun, classic movie adventure.

As for what the Chrystal Skull is, and where it came from (I won't spoil anyone in case they haven't seen it yet), keep in mind that this is Spielberg and Lucas we're dealing with. It makes perfect sense.
And for the record, Shia LaBeouf was awesome. And Karen Allen is aging very nicely. But Cate Blanchett, one of my all-time favorite actresses, could have gotten a better dialect coach. She sounded like Natasha from the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons. Though, again, it was Indiana Jones, which is, essentially, a live-action cartoon anyway.

Good News.

Battlestar Galactica's ratings are up.


Just in time for the show's swan song. Way to go, viewing public. Though, this should bode well for Caprica.

This is tragic.

Over the weekend, an actor who'd recently filmed a role in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and was signed on to reprise his role in The Deathly Hallows was fatally stabbed in London while protecting his younger brother. He was 18-years old. The role he had in the Potter film was Marcus Belby, one of the contenders for the Slug Club.

So sad.

Friday, May 23, 2008


New Weezer video for "Pork and Beans" featuring YouTube stars.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm not normally a fan of too much facial hair but...

...I kinda love this guy. He's what my friend Brian could be if he were allowed to grow his facial hair all crazy-like.

I'm not the only one who was disappointed in the Gossip Girl finale, right?

It could have been so much better. And it would have been, except for the strike. 22 episodes became 18, and four hours of content had to be reduced and crammed into the five hours they had left. And what we were left with was...lame. Here's what (supposedly) would have happened, had they had the time.

The Gossip Girl Finale That Could Have Been...
Casting Director Renee Godbout on the high-stakes drama in the original season 1 finale script
By Renee Godbout

Now that the season finale of Gossip Girl has aired, I can let you all in on a little secret. Not only was the original script completely different, the first ending was so much better. Here's what would have gone down if the show had kept the first script:

Serena & Dan
Serena (Blake Lively) doesn’t catch Dan (Penn Badgley) with Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) the morning after the concert. Georgina had already left, and Dan's moral compass persuades him to tell Serena the truth. Serena still tries to lie to herself about what really went down between Dan and Georgina. Actually, this change was a good decision. It brought out a much-needed confrontation between Georgina and Serena, and more drama is always better television!

Chuck & Blair
The major changes of the show include my favorite characters, and their drama would have made the finale really good:

Instead of waiting at the helicopter pad for Chuck (Ed Westwick), Blair (Leighton Meester) is actually waiting at the airport. She runs into Carter Baizen (Sebastian Stan), our favorite bad boy who made a guest appearance earlier in the series. She tells Carter that she and Chuck are together, and that she's waiting for him. Blair continues to look at her watch, nervously watching the time fly by. Carter suggests that this is exactly the type of game Chuck would play: Making her believe he was in love with her and then leaving her stranded alone at the airport. Blair doesn't believe that... at first. As it gets later and later, Carter's suggestion makes more and more sense.

At the same time, Chuck is in his limo, impatiently waiting in traffic. He is complaining to the driver about the traffic when they come upon a car accident. Chuck sees Lily sitting on the curb. She's crying, clutching a lily in her hand, and is hunched over what looks like a body. Someone is draping a cloth over the body's head. Chuck tells the driver to stop and gets out of the car. Lily looks up, sees him, and shakes her head at his questioning glance. Chuck’s father is dead.

Unaware of this, Blair is finally convinced that Chuck has stood her up and decides to go to Europe with Carter instead. End of episode.

What high-stakes drama it would have been! The new season of Gossip Girl would have started with Chuck's anger and sadness, as well as Blair’s guilt. The original finale would have amped up everything about the show, instead of the relationship cop-out they aired last Monday night.

The ending that aired seemed like the show was trying to find any reason to keep Chuck and Blair apart. Happy couples may be boring couples, but the original ending would have given both characters so much more drama to work with. Who knows why the writers changed the script - maybe they didn’t want to start the new season on such a low note. But it would have been one helluva finale!

Renee Godbout - Casting Director, Grant Wilfley Casting. Renee is currently casting background for the first season of The CW's popular teen show Gossip Girl at this busy casting office. Some past projects include 2 seasons of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, the pilot for Dirty Sexy Money, and the upcoming Jonathan Demme-directed Dancing with Shiva. The office also casts background for several other New York episodics including Law and Order: SVU, Lipstick Jungle, and New Amsterdam. Grant Wilfley Casting's recent films includes both background and some principle casting for: Sex & The City: The Movie, The Departed, Enchanted, The Bourne Supremacy, and Oscar nominee Michael Clayton.



Congratulations David Cook!

My favorites never win this show. Ever. Even when we think it's a lock, like with Katharine McPhee, something crazy happens and Taylor Hicks wins. But not this year. Hottie David Cook took it, and I couldn't be happier (unless Jason Castro had won, of course).

But the best part of the night? Was when Donna Summer was performing with the Top 6 girls and Ryan Seacrest started "breakdancing". I have never laughed so hard. It might very well be the best moment in TV history. I want, instead of commercials, to see Ryan rolling around on the floor and jumping around like a goof. It made me love him more than I thought possible.

You can see it here, around 8:09 or so. You can fast forward to it. But you should watch Jason Castro sing 'Hallelujah' first.

And now I can put American Idol to rest for another seven months. It's been fun.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Happening

I love M. Night Shyamalan movies. I mean, all of them. I've never been disappointed in any of them. And yes, that includes The Village and Lady in the Water. And that's why I'm not concerned about the poor reviews that The Happening is getting. After all these years, people need to stop expecting The Sixth Sense.

Here, watch the trailer:


I'm excited, are you?

A book has been released this week to tie in with the movie. It's called "The Indiana Jones Handbook" and it's like those Worst-Case Scenario survival books. It looks awesome.

The movie comes out tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's forever!

I'm a huge fan of tattoos. I've got six, I plan on getting a few more, I love them on just about everyone. Unless they're stupid tattoos. I had this friend when I was younger who lost a bet, and so we paid for him to get a strip of bacon tattooed on his stomach. And I have to say, if I was about to hook up with a guy and there was a strip of sizzling bacon tattooed on his stomach? Deal breaker. No hooking up to be had.

So, basically what I'm saying is that these people will probably never get laid again.

JJ can do no wrong.

More Fall TV stuff: FRINGE, the new show by JJ Abrams. Looks awesome, right? A little X-Files, a little Alias. Even though I'll always think of John Noble as awful Denethor from Lord of the Rings (that image of him setting himself on fire is forever burned - no pun intended - into my brain) and Joshua Jackson will always be that guy from Dawson's Creek (and a little that great character from Cruel Intentions). It's also got Kirk Acevedo, who was amazing in Band of Brothers. And it's JJ Abrams. The man owns me.

My kind of political issue

Sexiest Vegetarian

I voted for Casey Affleck and Kristen Bell. Take a look at those lists though. There are people I had no idea were vegetarians. I'm in good company.

I'm not gonna lie, I'll probably watch this.

It doesn't look as brilliantly cheesy as the original, but I think that's because it's a whole new generation of cheese. A new kind of cheese. new spin on an old concept. Like taking bleu cheese, but spraying from a can.

This cast is great

Michelle raved about this book, City of Ember, so I read it. (I didn't love it as much as she did). Now there's a movie, and here's the teaser trailer. Starring Bill Murray, Tim Robbins and Saoirse Ronan. It looks pretty good, actually.

Keep an eye on Saoirse Ronan. Between Atonement, City of Ember and The Lovely Bones, I'm thinking she's probably the best child actress out there right now. Way better than Dakota Fanning.

I heart John Mayer

John Mayer has a gorgeous voice. He is a guitar hero. He's tall. Sometimes hot. But, what you might not know, is that John Mayer is a fucking comedian. Watch these videos. And love him like I do.

The Anatomy of Song Writing

John Mayer Has a TV Show
(Part 1)

(Part 2)

And this happened:

Even when he knows shit about baseball, he's still comic gold.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Yeah yeah, Cougar in Training right here.

Goddamn Shia LeBeouf is pretty.

Roundup 3.

  • I admit, I might be the only person excited about Jimmy Fallon taking over Conan's spot when Conan takes over Jay Leno's. Because, yes, I adore Jimmy Fallon. Always have, always will. Anyway, Newsweek did an interview with him, if, like me, you're interested.
  • Katee Sackoff has been cast in a recurring role on Nip/Tuck next season. Why, Katee? That show has sucked for years. Also in that article: Polly Walker of Rome fame has been cast in Caprica. She's pretty awesome.
  • Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) and Ashlee Simpson (lip sync-er) got married this weekend.
  • has a list of the 25 Most Ridiculous Band Names Ever. Do you think they got it right? I don't.
  • I'm definitely more of a Team Aniston girl, but...I don't hate Angelina either. And if you know me, you know I don't get all gooey about babies and pregnant ladies, but seriously? Does Angelina ever look bad?
  • Speaking of Team Aniston, apparently John Mayer has a big penis? I'm intrigued.
  • I miss Ryan Adam's crazy blog. Guess I'll have to made do with paparazzi pictures of him "out on a date" with Mandy Moore at a comic book store. PS: I'm not a fan of the blonde hair, Ryan.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yes, I'm bored tonight.

You can make an oldschool mix tape too - virtual, but whatever - over here at Mixwit.

Battlestar Lostica


Gossip Girl on DVD

Warner Home Video has announced that Season 1 of Gossip Girl will be out on August 19th. It's listed as being really expensive, but that's not a surprise, with some decent extras (gag reel, unaired scenes). But my question is this: they couldn't have come up with a better picture for the cover?

What is that mess? Blair looks like she smelled something awful, Nate's hair is retarded, Chuck is smiling, and not in his usual sexy-smarmy way, Little J is all smiley as if she's cuddled up to Chuck (which is unlike her anyway since she's a sour bitch) and then there's the hand-holding, gag-inducing Serena and Dan all up front and center. Obviously the people who put this together have never seen the show.

If they had, the cover would just have this image:

See a high-res image of the cover along with all the details here.

I heart Cylons

Holy crap. How good was Battlestar Galactica last night? I had no idea that Alessandro Juliani could sing! (Bear McCreary, the composer of all the BSG scores, blogs about 'Gaeta's Lament' here). Are we going to start taking bets on whether or not Gaeta is the final Cylon? I've kinda been thinking he is for a while. Think about it:
  • The other four were instrumental in the rebellion on New Caprica; Gaeta is the only other person as instrumental, though the other four didn't know it was him until they almost airlocked him.
  • When you think of it that way, four known resistance leaders = four known (to us) Cylons in the final five. One 'secret' resistance leader = the 'secret' member of the final five. Makes sense, right?
I really can't think of anyone else it could be. They shocked us with the Four reveal last season, and while I think it would make sense to shock us again, it almost makes more sense for us to follow the clues and figure it out as he does.

Plus, he was singing, and music was a key factor in the revelation of the Four. I think that's why Sam was a little freaked out that Gaeta was singing. Well, that and because he's a Cylon and he shot someone, which could get him airlocked when they find out what he is. (But it won't because I say so. No airlocking Sam).

And now the two week wait for some answers begins. Which is nothing compared to the probably six month wait we'll have to endure between when this part of the season ends and the next part begins, but right now it feels like a long time.

Friday, May 16, 2008

It's Joss' world. We just live in it.

Dollhouse trailer. OMFG. It was up on the Dollverse site, but it was pulled. It was also pulled form YouTube, predictably. So now this kind person has uploaded it here. Watch it while you can.

And tune in when Fox finally airs it in January.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jack's crying. Must be Thursday.


Let's make some predictions, shall we?

  • Jin, Michael and Desmond are probably going to die. It's going to be sad. All those red shirts that rode in the boat with Awesome Daniel Faraday, Jin, Sun and Aaron are also screwed.
  • Daniel will be back with the second batch of people, most likely containing Bernard and Rose, just in time for Sun to get on the boat with Aaron. And then the freighter will go kaboom.
  • Or! Wait! Scratch that. There's another boat on the freighter, right? Sun will get in that with Aaron and head back to the island. And that's why they had a boat to float away on and land on another island. But it only fits six.
  • I can't even bear to think that something happens to Sawyer. You think I cried when Charlie died.
I have to admit, the opening scene when they all get off the plane and are reunited with their families? Totally made me cry. That was beautiful and heartbreaking (for Kate and Sayid) all at once. Damn, I love this show.

He's got a restaurant in Montauk. I'm thinking vacation...who's with me?

I don't normally get reality TV crushes, or if I do they pass as soon as the show ends (or he gets voted off, whatever). But then there was Sam Talbot from Top Chef.

Tall, dark, handsome, and can steal a quote from another reality TV contestant.

Damn. Can he be on every show ever? Or in my kitchen?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

No. No no no.

A sequel to Donnie Darko? ...Why?

Oh, wait, it's going to have Ed Westwick in it?

Still no.

Thumbs down.

Dear How I Met Your Mother showrunners,

Next time you think bringing Britney back will be a good idea, take another look at the episode titled "Everything Must Go." Not good, you guys. Not good at all. The only reason she wasn't HORRIBLE the last time she was on was because she had very little to say, and was not wholly featured. Last night's episode was, well, honestly, not great anyway, but worse because of her performance.

If you insist on doing the stunt casting, can you stick to actual actors? And, I don't know, take a look at what Will and Grace turned into (a joke) and just cast capable people for the roles like you used to?


Monday, May 12, 2008

Please don't go girl


I was seriously considering going to see New Kids on the Block in Boston in September. The 13-year old in me was saying things like: "OMG! New Kids! In Boston! Their HOMETOWN! HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE? OMGOMGOMG!!!!"

And then I saw this:


US $55.00 - US $75.00


US $75.00


US $75.00


US $35.00 - US $55.00

That's before Ticketmaster even adds on their surcharge, which usually ranges from $10 to $15. I, admittedly, adore the New Kids. They were my first concert when I was 13. I really wanted to see them as a 31-year old. Seriously.

And then I listened to their new single on their Myspace page, and...what are the chances that I pay a shit ton of money to see them and they DON'T perform the new stuff? The new stuff that isn't as fun or as catchy as their old stuff? Slim? To none?

So, sorry 13-year old self, but you got to see them when it mattered. Adult self isn't paying that much for the old men on the block. They're still hot, but the music isn't, and isn't it the music that matters?

Besides, I really just wanted to see Donnie Wahlberg, because he's awesome.


Friday, May 9, 2008

Hey, watch Battlestar Galactica!

I know, it's the fourth and final season of Battlestar Galactica. But that doesn't mean you can't catch up. First of all, the three previous seasons are on DVD. Netflix is pretty inexpensive. You can marathon it. Second, the show is going to have a major gap between what's airing now and the second half of the season, so you'll be able to catch up on Season 4 as well. You're out of excuses. Watch this frakking show.

Here, watch this What the Frak recap. It's brilliant, and it'll give you a general idea about what the show is.

Fridays at 10 PM on SciFi. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.

We have to move the Island.

Lost will get 17 episodes for the next two seasons rather than 16 because they lost (haha) three episodes this season due to the strike. The Season 4 finale will be three hours over two episodes - got that? - to make a total of 14 episodes this season.

Speaking of Lost how about that episode last night, eh? My favorite episodes tend to be Locke-centric, and this one didn't disappoint. I need to know more about Richard Alpert who never ages, Jacob's cabin, Christian motherfucking Shepherd - who is quite possibly my favorite recurring character though I can't tell you why because I don't have an answer - and Claire. My theory: Claire's been dead since her little house blew up. And the Island was making her look alive, just like it makes horses and other assorted dead people appear - and that's why Miles was looking at her so strangely the other week.

This season has kicked so much ass, I forgive the show for that atrocity that was most of season 2.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Oh, Jason Castro. I'll miss you, you beautiful little goofball

What's the point of watching now? I know it's going to come down to DCook and Archuleta, and, while I love David Cook, I can't stand that robot they're pretending is a 17-year old boy. And the robot's winning, so, again, what's the point in watching?

Roundup 2.

  • This guy thinks that he's figured out what the Mother stands for in How I Met Your... Unless they're thinking the show is going to only get one more season, I'm not so convinced it's her, regardless of how awesome I think she is.
  • This site has a picture of Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent aka Two Face in The Dark Knight. Compare that to Tommy Lee Jones in Batman Forever. Yeah, I'm going to have some serious nightmares after I see that movie. Thanks, Chris Nolan.
  • This is for my friend Michelle: Sad Kermit, singing 'Creep' by Radiohead. There's a whole bunch of these videos. Check them out. We don't want Kermit to be sad for too long.
  • Congratulations to Angela Kinsey (Angela on The Office) on the birth of her daughter.
  • The Hollywood Reporter has an informative article detailing the look of Fall TV. You can read the article here, but this is what interests me most: Dollhouse, Joss Whedon's new show, is being "eyed for mid-season", so Fox is already fucking him over. Way to stick with how you've always treated him, Fox. Jackasses.
  • Esai Morales has joined the cast of Caprica, the Battlestar Galactica spinoff/prequel. I mostly remember him from La Bamba.
  • Is it just me, or is Katie Holmes turning into Posh Spice? Granted, she's got her legs covered, so she still has a bit to go before she's completely transformed, but the hair, the expression, the tan. ...I'm right, right? I mean, she used to look like this.

Sure, sometimes I'm 13.

You know, I don't hate Scarlett Johansson really, but now that she's engaged to Ryan Reynolds, I really want to.

What, me jealous? NEVER.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Maybe it's for teens, but it feels like it's for me.

I never would have guessed that I'd love a show like Gossip Girl. I safely avoided all things The OC and One Tree Hill, gave Dawson's Creek a brief try before I couldn't stand another second of it, and kept to my fringe shows like Veronica Mars for my teen angst fix.

But Gossip Girl isn't really for teens in the way that Buffy wasn't really for teens. It's smart and snarky and well written with great characters and great clothes. It takes itself just seriously enough, but not so much that it doesn't know it can be a punchline too. And don't get me started on the cast.

No, scratch that. Get me started on the cast. Besides my future boyfriend Matthew Settle Photobucket playing a DAD of all things (and don't get me started on that, because I refuse to think of him as anything fatherly) and Kristen Bell fabulously being the voice of Gossip Girl herself, the "teenagers" on the show are insanely gorgeous too. In that way that seems believable for a show about rich prep school kids on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.


Plus, they had that brilliant ad campaign right before the show came back from the strike:


And between last week's new should-be-strange-but-is-actually-really-cute coupling of Nate and Vanessa, and this week's Jenny's boyfriend is Eric's gay boyfriend, Georgina has a Serena sex tape AND Serena's big reveal at the end (MURDER!!), well, OMFG. Definitely the best teen drama in years.

Plus about 5,000 different colored tights, headbands, and shoes. And a great black and blingy dress worn by Blair. The only thing missing was a shenanigan involving Chuck, but I'm sure he'll be back next week.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Robert Pattinson is fucking beautiful.

Official Twilight trailer.

Much better than the promo pics, for sure.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz looks like my ex-boyfriend. True story.

I love this song so much, it's ridiculous.


I admit, I've read the three books in the Twilight series, and I liked them. Come on, it's vampires and werewolves and teenage angst. Buffy is my favorite show of all time. How could I not be interested in this series? Granted, it's not even close to being as smart as BtVS, and the protagonist is kind of an idiot, but Edward Cullen and Jacob Black save the books from being completely mediocre.

And look! Robert Pattinson as Edward! He's so pretty!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Is it copying if it's from the same studio?

The old Tim Burton Batman trailer vs. the new Chris Nolan Dark Knight trailer. Hm.

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

Whatever. I couldn't be more excited about this movie. The first one was, in my opinion, perfect, and I've got high hopes that this one will be as well. Plus, Heath Ledger. (Despite the fact that I am so scared of clowns that I don't know how I'll manage to not hide my eyes every time he's on screen).

I want a lion.

This lion had been raised by these two guys until they had to give him to a reserve because he'd gotten too big to keep. They were told that he wouldn't remember them.

Lion Hugging Upbringers

This woman raised this lion after she found him abandoned until he, too, was too big to keep domestically. She gave him to a zoo. This is the video of their reunion.

Hugging Lion

askd;aksdfhksdlhf!!! I just want a zoo of my own, ok?

Friday, May 2, 2008


  • Pamela Anderson is having an Estate Sale. Fuck. I can't believe I left LA before I could get used designer bedding from Boobie McRidiculous.
  • I meant to post this Fall Out Boy video the other day and forgot. Kinda makes me nostalgic for this MJ cover.
  • Robert Downey Jr. is a fucking awesome actor. I the only movies on this list that I haven't seen are "US Marshals" and "Richard III". And if you haven't seen "Heart and Souls", "Home for the Holidays" or "Two Girls and a Guy", you are severely missing out on some great performances. He's a genius actor.
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal, John Krasinski, Maya Rudolph AND Catherine O'Hara all in the same movie? That's awesome.
  • Celebrity gossip I could care less about but that's EVERYWHERE right now:
    • Mariah's surprise wedding
    • Mylie Cyrus' semi-nude photo in Vanity Fair
    • Anything to do with those people on The Hills
  • I do, however, care a lot about Jason Mraz's leaked song. Because I love the Mraz.

How cute is this?



I want one! My birthday's in November.

Watch this frakking show, will ya?

Anyone who knows me knows that I love few TV shows more than I love Battlestar Galactica. In fact, I'd say the only show I love more is my one true TV love, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Hey, anyway, check this out: Indecision 2008