Thursday, July 15, 2010

Howl trailer

James Franco has had a very productive couple of years. This looks like Oscar material.

The Town Trailer

I, for one, and totally excited about Ben Affleck's next movie. I like that he stars in this one too.

I hope the mail comes early tomorrow

Here's the world's first look at Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern. Honestly, I'm pretty worn out on the comic book movies - a Spider-Man REBOOT, Sony? Really? - but I'm on board with anything Ryan Reynolds does. The man can do anything*.

*It's something I've been working convincing my boyfriend of bit by bit, and he's starting to agree. He actually liked Just Friends on the first viewing (it took two for me to really see the humor in it).

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Emmy nominations were announced today.

I could complain about the nominations I don't like, or I could take the positive side and jump up and down in joy over Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton FINALLY getting the nominations they deserve. Now, let's hope they win.

Really? Damn it.

In the last few years, Comic-Con has gone from something only the nerds and sci-fi fans were interested in to an annual pimpfest for all things television and movies. In becoming such, I've grown less interested in it - I hate that kind of overwhelming enclosed crowd of people situation. It was hard enough when I went 4 years ago and we had to deal with 100,000 people. It's so much worse now.

But I digress. Despite my waning interest in going, there are always panels I wish I could just pop in and listen to without having to deal with the waiting in line for hours/thousands of people factor. Last year the panels I most wanted to see was Burn Notice and Caprica. This year, it's JOSS FUCKING WHEDON AND JJ FUCKING ABRAMS TOGETHER. Are you kidding me, Comic-Con? Next time just stab me in the heart.

Double rainbow all the way. Oh my God.

Just try to not have this song stuck in your head. I dare you. (And check out the original video if you haven't seen it. It's hilarious).

Exciting music news!

I didn't know Brandon Flowers even had a solo record coming out (release date: September 14), but based on the first single "Crossfire", I'm going to love it. The song reminds me of something that could've been on Sam's Town, which is encouraging since that's my favorite of The Killer's Albums. A little Springsteen-ish, a little early U2, and that hint of continuing New Wave influence. I can't wait to hear the full album.

Here's the video, also starring Charlize Theron (who needs to be headlining movies again. Where's she been?)