Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Four Weeks!

Four looooooong weeks until Fringe returns (Fridays at 9e/8c on Fox), and no amount of teasers or reruns will make that any shorter. But they will make it easier...or more painful, depending on how you look at it.

This recently released teaser asks the question we've all been asking all summer: Where is Peter Bishop?

You still have time to catch up on the previous three seasons, if you don't already watch this brilliant show. Netflix it! Purchase the DVDs! Do what you've gotta do!

George, by Scorsese

George Harrison is my favorite Beatle, and I'm not the only fan who feels he's largely unappreciated. I'm so happy Scorsese made this movie. I can't wait to see it.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Amazing Andrew Garfield

What better way to start my blog return than with this lovely, heartfelt speech that Andrew Garfield gave at Comic-Con this weekend:

The story is that he got in line for questions before the panel in costume, as a fan, with no one aware that he planned to do this. He is darling, and so incredibly gracious. For that, I hope this Spider-Man reboot is great.

FYI: if you haven't seen Never Let Me Go, you should. Not only is it an amazing movie, Mr. Garfield is just incredible in it. But prepare yourself: there will be tears.

I guess I took a hiatus

Let's be honest: things in my life have been crazy this year. I moved halfway across the country to live with my boyfriend at the end of May, and four weeks before that I had to have emergency surgery, which almost derailed my moving timeline. Which, yes, only takes us back to April, but before that I was working a lot, and organizing my life for the big change.

So here I am in Oklahoma. I know, right? Not somewhere I ever expected to live, but it's where the boyfriend is, so it's where I want to be. And I start pastry school in September, so I'll be super busy with that as well. (I may change the focus of my food blog - which I also haven't updated in FOREVER - into a chronicle of my time in school, recording what I learn, etc.)

Yet, even knowing how busy I'll be, I really want to get this blog up and running again.  So accept my apologies for my absence, and please, stick around for fun pop culture-y nonsense! I promise there will be lots!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just a few short months and it'll really be over

I hope JK Rowling does write that encyclopedia she hinted at. At least that would be something else from this world to feed our Hogwarts-loving appetites.

Multi-Fandom Dance Party!

I didn't realize there was that much dancing on Community. lol

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nerds rule

This person is a genius.