Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I call her Red.

You can just imagine that this is what Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano would look like 15 years later. I don't know if Claire Danes and Jared Leto have seen each other in the last 15 years, but this is the first time they've been photographed together. And it is glorious.

Premarital Six

My friend Tom Metz made this 6-part web series last year, and it's finally available for public consumption. It's called Premarital Six.

Six friends meet for a bachelor party. Six hours later, they're all in jail. Each tells their story as they try to piece together what happened and get their lives back to normal... if they can.

Sounds a little like The Hangover, but it's not, trust me. Plus, it was already finished by the time that movie came out, so the comparison is only coincidental.

Watch this

This is actually pretty awesome. This girl was snowed in at the Pittsburgh airport after hours, so she made the best of it by being a total goofball.

Happy LOST Day

This is amazing. Juan Osborne took the time to go through every script (season 1-5) on Lostpedia to find out how many words each character said (Jack - 28,591; Locke - 22,670) and how frequently they used certain words. Like with Wordle, the bigger the word is, the more frequently it was used.

See the full-sized version of Jack and Locke and a general image of the words said by Hurley, Kate, Desmond, Juliet, Sawyer, Ben and Sayid here. Bet you can guess without looking what the biggest word in Hurley's group is.

Monday, February 22, 2010

It's that time of year again!

The Numbers Behind the Academy Awards
Source: Business Pundit

This is no joke

From the comic's comic blog:
“Andrew Koenig (AK-47, the video guy on “Never Not Funny,” and “Boner” from “Growing Pains”) has been missing for a week, last seen 2/14 in Vancouver. Didn’t make his flight back to the US on 2/16. The Vancouver Police are involved, and lots of people are looking. Could you reblog this and help get the word out? And say some prayers or think some positive thoughts?”

If you’ve seen Andrew since February 14th, contact Detective Raymond Payette of the Vancouver PD at 604-717-2534.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Who coming soon!

I'm having such a love/hate thing with this new Doctor Who stuff. I don't want to like the new guy - there's so much about him that bugs me already, and he's not David Tennant - but then he'll do something charming in a clip and I'll reconsider for a moment. I think the new companion looks adorable, and their chemistry is great. I just don't like how young this is all skewing. New logo, new Doctor, new Companion...have they changed the theme song too? And yet, still Daleks. But then, there's the Blink Angels, and those things are terrifying.

So torn!

Watch the newest promo from BBC America here.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lost is on everyone's mind, apparently.

This week's Entertainment Weekly cover will again have a LOST theme. I think it was just two issues ago that was also dedicated to the show. Either there isn't anything else interesting enough to write about, or this show really has taken over everyone's brains of late. My boyfriend asked me today why I felt the need to read people's reactions and rewatch an episode before I delete it from my DVR, as if these are strange behaviors. Based on what I'm seeing, I'm not the only one.

Last night's episode was fabulous. Brain bendy, full of WTFery goodness, mostly to do with my favorite, Locke. And Mocke/Flocke/Smocke, whatever he ends up being called by the fans. Not!Locke. Terry O'Quinn's on his way to his second Emmy for this role, I think.

And drunk Sawyer was fun too.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I don't care what you think as long as it's about me

Maybe you don't know this about me, but I fucking love Fall Out Boy. I know it's uncool or whatever to like them, and probably even more uncool to care that they're breaking up, but I don't give a fuck about being cool. Patrick Stump has one of the most incredible voices I've ever heard, and the songs that he and Pete Wentz write together are poppy, catchy and sometimes thisclose to actual brilliance. The one good thing about the break up: Patrick's making a solo record. The bad thing: I never got to see them live (which I would've had Adam Goldstein not died, therefore causing my Blink/FOB show to be rescheduled for a date when FOB was unavailable).

Doctor Who news

The first three episode titles for Season 5 have been released:

  1. Episode 5.1 "The Eleventh Hour"
  2. Episode 5.2 "The Beast Below"
  3. Episode 5.3 "The Victory of the Daleks"

The first two were written by new showrunner Stephen Moffatt, who wrote two of my favorite episodes in the series, "The Girl In The Fireplace" and "Blink", so this most likely means those episodes will be just shy of brilliant. It's the third that worries me. Daleks, already? Again? You know, if you know me or have read this blog at all, that I love the Daleks, but at some point aren't we going to have to just let it be? How many times does the Doctor have to defeat those little trashcans before they're truly and actually defeated? Next thing we know we'll have yet another Cybermen episode.


Mindbreaking television returns.

I have been woefully neglectful of my blog, and for that I apologize. I've been distracted by falling in love with a boy. It happens sometimes, this real life stuff, and takes a person away from things that they love to have fun with because they're having fun in other ways. I'll do better, I promise, to fill this space up with fluffy, fun pop culture-y goodness.

And so, on to the biggest thing to happen in Pop Culture this week: the return of the juggernaut that is LOST. Oh, Lost. How I've missed you making my brain leak out of my ears. Just what exactly happened last night? I couldn't begin to tell you. Here's what I guess:

  1. They've been split into alternative universes, one where the plane didn't crash, one where it did.
  2. Their lives are infinitely better on the Island, despite all the fuckery that happens there, because not one of them had a good thing going for them as they headed to Los Angeles back in 2004.
  3. We won't be getting any more flashbacks or flashforwards. It's all flashparallels now. Ish. Because on the Island, it's still in the same timeline of the crash, technically. They were "rescued" 108 in. I don't know how much time has passed since then. Three years, I think. So the flashparallels are technically flashbacks? Ugh. Brain pain.
  4. We will, at some point, see the return of the tailies, in the parallel universe, guaranteed. Somehow everyone we know is going to be connected in the parallel LA, fucking each others lives up somehow. We know they all have some connection to each other in their pasts somehow, even when they don't know it. Locke's dad is the real Sawyer. Claire is Jack's sister. Libby was in the institution with Hurley. Jack and Ana-Lucia flirted at the bar. Etc. If this plays out the way it looks like it will, we'll be seeing more and more of these connections coming to light.
Other observations:

  • Jack Shepard has never been hotter, but I've also never hated him more. Goddamn, he's always wrong, always self-righteous about it, and always a dick.
  • Sawyer is my hero.
  • Juliet's death made me cry and cry. She was one of my favorites.
  • CHARLIE!!!
  • BOONE!!!
  • The glaring omission of Shannon on the plane was not missed by me. I know they had some issues getting Maggie Grace to Hawaii with her schedule, but jeez. They should've done everything they could to make it happen.
  • John Locke breaks my heart like no other character ever. The stuff that Not!Locke said about him was so spot on, and so heartbreaking. He is the saddest character ever created, and Terry O'Quinn give powerhouse performances. The difference in cadence in his speech between Not!Locke and Real!Locke are subtle but genius. Not!Locke's utter lack of respect for Real!Locke is interesting, as are the reasons he chose Locke. Does your brain hurt trying to figure it all out? Mine too.
  • WTF is the temple? Who are those people? Why am I being handed MORE questions with 16 episodes left, show? Come on!
  • Did I mention CHARLIE!!!!! and BOONE!!!!
  • I thought maybe they had actually killed Sayid off. Then I remembered: you can't kill Sayid. That man's indestructible.
  • If our people are really in the same time as the rest of the people, then the reunion between Sun and Jin is going to make me bawl. Remember when Jin was a total dick? Haha. I love that they reminded us, juxtaposing it with how badass he became.

I don't analyze this show well, because I don't theorize about it. I'm always wrong in my theories, and I tend to be more of an emotional watcher than analytical. I'm just glad it's back.