Monday, July 25, 2011

The Amazing Andrew Garfield

What better way to start my blog return than with this lovely, heartfelt speech that Andrew Garfield gave at Comic-Con this weekend:

The story is that he got in line for questions before the panel in costume, as a fan, with no one aware that he planned to do this. He is darling, and so incredibly gracious. For that, I hope this Spider-Man reboot is great.

FYI: if you haven't seen Never Let Me Go, you should. Not only is it an amazing movie, Mr. Garfield is just incredible in it. But prepare yourself: there will be tears.

I guess I took a hiatus

Let's be honest: things in my life have been crazy this year. I moved halfway across the country to live with my boyfriend at the end of May, and four weeks before that I had to have emergency surgery, which almost derailed my moving timeline. Which, yes, only takes us back to April, but before that I was working a lot, and organizing my life for the big change.

So here I am in Oklahoma. I know, right? Not somewhere I ever expected to live, but it's where the boyfriend is, so it's where I want to be. And I start pastry school in September, so I'll be super busy with that as well. (I may change the focus of my food blog - which I also haven't updated in FOREVER - into a chronicle of my time in school, recording what I learn, etc.)

Yet, even knowing how busy I'll be, I really want to get this blog up and running again.  So accept my apologies for my absence, and please, stick around for fun pop culture-y nonsense! I promise there will be lots!