Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How about no.

Michael Cera has expressed a desire to be in the potential Ghostbusters sequel that's been rumored to be happening. I say, what about, instead of that he just agree to do the Arrested Development movie. I mean, he's just playing a variation of George-Michael in everything anyway.

Also: How about no to this Ghostbusters thing? Can't we just leave well enough alone?

Too much? I think yes.

Hey, I love Lost as much as the next girl, but this tattoo of Shannon screaming in the pilot episode takes it to Star Wars/Star Trek levels of love.


Friday, December 25, 2009

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Click HERE to listen to the original demo version of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller', which was originally called 'Starlight'. If he'd released this instead of 'Thriller' I don't think that album would've been the success it was despite it being the same music with different lyrics.

New OK GO video

In which Damian Kulash got even hotter than before.

OK Go - WTF? from OK Go on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I miss the Muppet Show.

The Muppets doing a Paul Simon song. So awesome.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Slapsgiving Part DOS!


In case you're wondering what to get me for my birthday, which is today, here are a couple suggestions:

Sam Worthington


Chris Pine
The man, not the magazine. Though, I do want the magazine too...

Preferably tied with a red bow. Together or separate. I'm not picky. ;)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Leap Year trailer

<br/><a href="" target="_new" title="Exclusive: 'Leap Year' Trailer">Video: Exclusive: 'Leap Year' Trailer</a>

Sure, it looks like a typical rom-com, and it probably is, but Amy Adams and Matthew Goode are both completely irresistible. And I like rom-coms.

Caprica poster

Interesting. I still haven't watched the pilot, which was released on DVD months ago. I should do that soon.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I don't even know what to say about this. It's clever. And catchy.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Clash of the Titans trailer

I'll most likely wait for DVD, even though it stars one of my favorite new hotties, Sam Worthington.


Goddamn Zach Gilford is hot.

You're like a big bear, man!"


Green Zone trailer

Is Matt Damon ever not awesome?

It's as good as I'd hoped

I was lucky enough to hear Kris Allen's debut album early thanks to a friend who got an advance copy, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. There aren't any surprises; it's exactly what you'd expect. But the funny thing is: that isn't a negative. Kris's voice is just as lovely as it was on American Idol and his songs are catchy. I think he's going to have a huge career.

Salt trailer

With Tom Cruise this would've been a typical Tom Cruise movie. So glad it was recast to fit Angelina Jolie. She's so much better.

Prince of Persia trailer

I don't care that no one in this movie is actually Persian. It's hot as balls Jake Gyllenhaal and Pirates of the Caribbean type silly, unrealistic, patented Bruckheimer action. I'm there.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Super creepy

I'm currently decorating my room with an Alice in Wonderland theme, tastefully and adult-like, not Disney. And also not Burton, because his take on it is decidedly creepy.

Won't stop me from seeing it the minute it comes out though.

Boston boys FTW!


Seriously. I love the Afflecks and the mighty Damon.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

What the...?

Hold the phone. Since when is Jim Parsons hot? Funny, yes. Talented, definitely. But hot?! The world is all askew.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

So awesome.

The covers of Abbey Road and London Calling made entirely from Rubik's Cubes. Wow.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I still don't get it

Don't ask me why James Franco is going to be on General Hospital. I read somewhere that he wants to be versed in all aspects of his "craft" or whatever. He's a weird dude, is what it comes down to. Since when do Oscar nominees do guest stints on soaps?

And sure, I'll check it out when it airs. He's a fantastic actor, and I wonder how true he'll play his role (which has been kept under such tight wraps that even Soap Opera Magazine doesn't know what it is) (and I know that because my mom told me). Wouldn't it be awesome if he played it super over the top and cheesy? I mean, most of the performances on those shows are played that way to a certain extent anyway, right? I haven't watched soaps since I was in high school and Marlena was possessed by the Devil on Days. That was my limit of absurdity.

Also, he looks SMOKIN' HOT in the picture released today, so that'll get me to tune in at the very least.


OMG, this is the best news I've read all week (and yeah, it's only Tuesday, but go with me on this). TNT has agreed to air the 13 Season One episodes of Southland, and the 6 existing Season 2 episodes that NBC didn't even bother to try to get on the air before canceling the show last month. In addition to that, TNT will be adding in extra footage to the Season 1 eps, which is awesome.

If you didn't watch Southland last year before NBC executives lost their minds and cut all of their 10 PM programming for Jay fucking Leno, you should definitely check it out on TNT. The show is raw and powerful with a phenomenally talented cast. It's not your average cop show - I generally don't like cop shows - but it's also not glitzy or overly stylized. Seriously, give it a shot.

And if all things go well on TNT, maybe they'll pick the show up permanently. It should match well with the dramas they already have, and clearly they like cop shows - Saving Grace, The Closer, Dark Blue...

That's FOUR zeroes after that one.

Joss Whedon continues to be the most awesome person in Hollywood.

An Open Letter to the Terminator Owners. From a Very Important Hollywood Mogul

Dear Sirs/Ma'ams,

I am Joss Whedon, the mastermind behind Titan A.E., Parenthood (not the movie) (or the new series) (or the one where 'hood' was capitalized 'cause it was a pun), and myriad other legendary tales. I have heard through the 'grapevine' that the Terminator franchise is for sale, and I am prepared to make a pre-emptive bid RIGHT NOW to wrap this dealio up. This is not a joke, this is not a scam, this is not available on TV. I will write a check TODAY for $10,000, and viola! Terminator off your hands.

No, you didn't miscount. That's four -- FOUR! -- zeroes after that one. That's to show you I mean business. And I mean show business. Nikki Finke says the Terminator concept is played. Well, here's what I have to say to Nikki Finke: you are a fine journalist and please don't ever notice me. The Terminator story is as formative and important in our culture -- and my pretend play -- as any I can think of. It's far from over. And before you Terminator-Owners (I have trouble remembering names) rush to cash that sweet cheque, let me give you a taste of what I could do with that franchise:

1) Terminator... of the Rings! Yeah, what if he time-travelled TOO far... back to when there was dragons and wizards? (I think it was the Dark Ages.) Hasta La Vista, Boramir! Cool, huh? "Now you gonna be Gandalf the Red!" RRRRIP! But then he totally helps, because he's a cyborg and he doesn't give a s#&% about the ring -- it has no power over him! And he can carry it AND Frodo AND Sam AND f@%& up some orcs while he's doing it. This stuff just comes to me. I mean it. (I will also offer $10,000 for the Lord of the Rings franchise).

2) More Glau. Hey. There's a reason they're called "Summer" movies.

3) Can you say... musical? Well don't. Even I know that's an awful idea.

4) Christian Bale's John Connor will get a throat lozenge. This will also help his Batwork (ten grand for that franchise too, btw.)

5) More porn. John Connor never told Kyle Reese this, but his main objective in going to the past was to get some. What if there's a lot of future-babies that have to be made? Cue wah-wah pedal guitar -- and dollar signs!

6) The movies will stop getting less cool.

Okay. There's more -- this brain don't quit! (though it has occasionally been fired) -- but I think you get my drift. I really believe the Terminator franchise has only begun to plumb the depths of questioning the human condition during awesome stunts, and I'd like to shepherd it through the next phase. The money is there, but more importantly, the heart is there. But more importantly, money. Think about it. End this bloody bidding war before it begins, and put the Terminator in the hands of someone who watched the first one more than any other movie in college, including "Song of Norway" (no current franchise offer). Sincerely, Joss Whedon.
From here.

And for the record, I think Joss would do a fabulous job with the Terminator franchise if given the chance. Just sayin'.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Most adorable celebrity family Halloween costumes

How freaking cute are these three? I love the tails! Their baby is as cute as I'd expected her to be, too. I heart the Hannigan-Denisofs!

Friday, October 30, 2009


The only good part of last night's Supernatural.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This is so cool

I want piano stairs!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Friends reunion...sort of.

Lisa Kudrow is going to be guest starring on Cougar Town, holding the title of the first former Friends co-star to be on Courteney's new show. My fingers are crossed for Matthew Perry next.

Your make-up looks fantastic, Adam.

Adam Lambert's album cover. It's...not at all surprising.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sweet indeed

I love Puck. So much.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Finally, Dominic Monaghan!

I knew it'd be a few episodes in before Dom showed up on FlashForward, but I didn't realize he'd be getting the total star treatment! "Next week, Dominic Monaghan joins the cast"!!! I'm so excited that he's got enough clout as an actor now that the network is focusing on him. Our little hobbit all grows up.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

What a weirdo

Brandon Flowers, what are you wearing?

I love this song, though.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Best casting ever?

David Tennant and Simon Pegg in a movie together? It's like my dreams are coming true!

Star Trek Gag Reel

You know what I haven't gushed about in a while? Star Trek, the Star Trek cast, and/or Chris Pine. So, to make up for that, here's the gag reel from the upcoming DVD. Which, incidentally, comes out on my birthday. It's like JJ knew and wanted to give me a gift.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Doctor Who logo

I'm not gonna lie: I hate it.

Dollhouse PSA

Last season, pretty much as soon as Dollhouse premiered, the fans whipped themselves into a frenzy that the show was going to be canceled. And, while I don't begrudge their fears that Fox would do to this Whedon show what they did to Firefly, there wasn't all that much reason for the panic last year.

This year is a whole different story. The ratings aren't good, and there's actual talk that Fox will be pulling the show. It doesn't help that they've continued to leave it on Fridays at 9PM, notoriously a bad time for TV shows. I've been saying since last year that they should pair it with Fringe, which would be a nice, creepy night of Sci-Fi TV for us. But that makes sense, and making sense doesn't always go hand in hand with being a television executive.

Anyway, there are ways we can help. And by we, I mean you. Any of you that aren't watching Dollhouse, I'm asking you to give it a try. If you can't watch it live on Friday night, then you can download it from iTunes or Amazon. If you don't want to pay - and why would you, if you're not currently a fan of the show? - then you can watch it for free at Hulu. While these methods aren't going to raise those pesky ratings numbers in that antiquated and practically irrelevant system, they are going to show that people are making an effort to watch the show.

It's a great show, and deserves a chance to come into its own. Joss Whedon is a brilliant man with a mind so creative he's generally ahead of the curve as far as what's cool and what people want to see. Eventually everyone catches up. I hear motherfucking Fox is actually considering some space western show. Hmm. Sounds familiar. Like something they "didn't get" and canceled years ago.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Brief Interviews with Hideous Men trailer

I've been waiting two years to see this movie. Finally it looks like it'll be released.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Emmy fashion roundup

I'll be honest, there weren't a lot of dresses that excited, impressed or really interested me last night. Everything was pretty safe, and while some were beautiful - yes, the Dior that Blake Lively wore was pretty and fit her perfectly - I was mostly bored. These are the ones I liked most:

Anna Torv looked phenomenal. Everything about this dress worked.

Drew's dress reminds me of the one the Penelope Cruz wore to the Oscars a couple years ago, which isn't a bad thing. She looks lovely.

Sandra Oh should have won last night. This dress would've looked fabulous next to a statuette.

Yes, it's black, and yes, it's not mind-blowing, but Alyson looks so pretty in it that it won me over. Maybe I'm biased because I like her so much.
Everyone's been raving about Christina's dress, which I like for the color, but I'm not loving the top.

Holly Hunter always looks classy.

The color of this dress is gorgeous.

I still don't know how I feel about Leighton's dress. I'm kinda over the Grecian thing.

Yes, it's kinda figure state-y. But that doesn't mean it's not pretty. Marchesa might be my favorite designer.

Now, for other stuff.

Yay How I Met Your Mother cast! I would've voted for you!

Somehow the director of the show managed to not get this moment on screen: Tina Fey fulfilling her promise to Bob Newhart to kiss him like Adrian Brody kissed Halle Berry when he won his Oscar if 30 Rock won.

Who the fuck is this girl? I love Obama as much as the next girl, but come on. This is too much.

I heart Nathan Fillion. Doesn't everyone?

Kris Allen's first single

...not counting that one that he had to release that Kara wrote. That song was crap. This one's good. It's also not his alone. The Script also released it, and they sound pretty much exactly the same.

That notwithstanding, I like it. Kris' voice is lovely, and I'm really excited about his album.

The only real thing worth seeing last night

Much as I love 30 Rock and Ricky Gervais, as much as I think Mad Men is a good show, as awesome as everyone involved with The Daily Show are, as fun as it was to see Seth MacFarlane in a tux, and even as I grudgingly admit that Two and a Half Men is funnier than I expected it to be (Jon Cryer, I'm sorry, you're not better than NPH), the only award that went to something I actually wanted it to go to was Grey Gardens winning best Made for Television Movie. NPH was fabulous, as expected, and I think he handled not winning with grace disguised as bitterness.

However, the only reason the show was actually good was because of this:

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yeah, it happened last week...

...but I just now came across a youtube video of Joss Whedon's acceptance speech for the Emmy he (and the other fabulous Whedons) won for Dr. Horrible.

Short, sweet, perfection. Just like the web-series.

Also, in current and related Emmy news: Ausiello is saying he's been told Neil Patrick Harris will do a Dr. Horrible musical number sometime during tomorrow's telecast. Oh. My. God. Please let that be true.

Friday, September 18, 2009

As if I didn't already love Glee

This guy. Good lord he's ridiculous. Already hot and can sing? And wears a New Kids shirt to an event?! Thank you, Fox, for bringing this show into my life. (That might be the first time I've thanked Fox).

Valentine's Day trailer

Impressive cast, sure, but could it be any more like Love, Actually? You know, without the charm and wonderfulness?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I still hate Private Practice...

...But Chris Lowell continues to be gorgeous, funny and more talented than anyone realizes.

It's really too bad that show sucks, because the cast is just lovely.

MA Men

Nate Corddry and Joey McIntyre with Bahston accents? Gold.

Up In the Air teaser trailer


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Michael Trucco. Love him.

From last weekend at Dragon-Con, which was here in Georgia, but I didn't go. I don't want to talk about why. Tomorrow I'll post some of the Battlestar panel.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In anticipation of the final season

It's still months before the next and final season of Lost begins, but that doesn't mean we can't be anxious and excited about it, right? In honor of the end of an era, sixteen artists have been commissioned to make Lost-related posters, and based on the first four, it's a stroke (no pun intended) of marketing genius. These two are my favorites so far (and if I had an extra $50 lying around just aching to be spent on something I'd purchase the first one right now). I can't wait to see what else the artists come up with.

See all four here. Check back to the site for the final twelve.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Another Supernatural promo

This one's for the season premiere episode "Sympathy for the Devil".


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hello beautiful cast

The boys, especially, look fabulous.

Madonna's a freak of nature

No one her age should look that good. Damn. Keep an eye out towards the end for a cameo by Lourdes.

Too bad the song SUCKS.


This looks incredible.

It's so nice to hear Elijah Wood's giggle again.

Ben Linus FTW.

Bee Tee Dubs, I haaaaaate Patricia Heaton. She isn't funny.

September means the Fall TV Season starts!

I think I'm most excited about Supernatural this season. And Dollhouse.

Here's a VERY VERY VERY spoiler-filled interview with Eric Kripke. You've been warned.

Monday, August 31, 2009

The Men Who Stare at Goats trailer

Nothing I've read about this movie said it was going to be a comedy.

It looks really funny. I love when Clooney is goofy. And it's always nice to see Ewan McGregor in ANYTHING.

Friday, August 28, 2009

You can always depend on MTV to bring the best drama

I hope MTV never stops making these challenges. They're trashy, hilarious, filled with drunken drama and ridiculously physical challenges. I love it.

A coodle doodle doo!

I miss this show.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Best news of the day!

It's official! Summer Glau will be joining the cast of Dollhouse! It's a recurring role, but we all know that recurring can lead to permanent if the story's right, especially in the Whedonverse. Look at Spike, Anya, Wesley and Tara. Or, even recurring that continues throughout seasons, like Darla, Drusilla, Faith, Andrew, Lindsay, Lilah...

So exciting! This is the ONLY reason I'm ok with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles getting canceled.

Speaking of Dollhouse, here's a great, though spoiler-filled, article about the upcoming season.

This is why Twitter is great

You get awesome pictures from people you like, like this one that Alyson Hannigan posted from the set of How I Met Your Mother. I heart Aly and Jason.

Michael Hogan is the best.

Channeling Col. Tigh. He's so awesome.

From here.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chuck'd Supernatural.

Changes the tone of the show a bit, eh? Also, I miss Chuck. Can't wait for it to return.

(Not so) Daily Eye Candy

I don't want to have to wait until NEXT SUMMER to see the 4th season of Friday Night Lights. Must find someone with DirecTV and befriend them.