Friday, September 18, 2009

As if I didn't already love Glee

This guy. Good lord he's ridiculous. Already hot and can sing? And wears a New Kids shirt to an event?! Thank you, Fox, for bringing this show into my life. (That might be the first time I've thanked Fox).


danielletbd said...

Ugh I know! Mark Salling is adorable and sweet. Did you see my pics of him on Facebook from the Gleek Mall Tour?

Also, does the ADR of the songs bug you? It's totally distracting for me and takes me out of the moments of the performances most of the time :(

Jaime said...

Yeah, I looked at all of your pictures. He's RIDICULOUSLY cute. I'm glad he's starting have more to do on the show besides being a bully. I never root for bullies. I do, however, root for hot boys who can sing.

YES! It's so annoying that they can't get it to at least look like it's not being lip synced. They've got production values; use them!