Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I still don't get it

Don't ask me why James Franco is going to be on General Hospital. I read somewhere that he wants to be versed in all aspects of his "craft" or whatever. He's a weird dude, is what it comes down to. Since when do Oscar nominees do guest stints on soaps?

And sure, I'll check it out when it airs. He's a fantastic actor, and I wonder how true he'll play his role (which has been kept under such tight wraps that even Soap Opera Magazine doesn't know what it is) (and I know that because my mom told me). Wouldn't it be awesome if he played it super over the top and cheesy? I mean, most of the performances on those shows are played that way to a certain extent anyway, right? I haven't watched soaps since I was in high school and Marlena was possessed by the Devil on Days. That was my limit of absurdity.

Also, he looks SMOKIN' HOT in the picture released today, so that'll get me to tune in at the very least.

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