Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mindbreaking television returns.

I have been woefully neglectful of my blog, and for that I apologize. I've been distracted by falling in love with a boy. It happens sometimes, this real life stuff, and takes a person away from things that they love to have fun with because they're having fun in other ways. I'll do better, I promise, to fill this space up with fluffy, fun pop culture-y goodness.

And so, on to the biggest thing to happen in Pop Culture this week: the return of the juggernaut that is LOST. Oh, Lost. How I've missed you making my brain leak out of my ears. Just what exactly happened last night? I couldn't begin to tell you. Here's what I guess:

  1. They've been split into alternative universes, one where the plane didn't crash, one where it did.
  2. Their lives are infinitely better on the Island, despite all the fuckery that happens there, because not one of them had a good thing going for them as they headed to Los Angeles back in 2004.
  3. We won't be getting any more flashbacks or flashforwards. It's all flashparallels now. Ish. Because on the Island, it's still in the same timeline of the crash, technically. They were "rescued" 108 in. I don't know how much time has passed since then. Three years, I think. So the flashparallels are technically flashbacks? Ugh. Brain pain.
  4. We will, at some point, see the return of the tailies, in the parallel universe, guaranteed. Somehow everyone we know is going to be connected in the parallel LA, fucking each others lives up somehow. We know they all have some connection to each other in their pasts somehow, even when they don't know it. Locke's dad is the real Sawyer. Claire is Jack's sister. Libby was in the institution with Hurley. Jack and Ana-Lucia flirted at the bar. Etc. If this plays out the way it looks like it will, we'll be seeing more and more of these connections coming to light.
Other observations:

  • Jack Shepard has never been hotter, but I've also never hated him more. Goddamn, he's always wrong, always self-righteous about it, and always a dick.
  • Sawyer is my hero.
  • Juliet's death made me cry and cry. She was one of my favorites.
  • CHARLIE!!!
  • BOONE!!!
  • The glaring omission of Shannon on the plane was not missed by me. I know they had some issues getting Maggie Grace to Hawaii with her schedule, but jeez. They should've done everything they could to make it happen.
  • John Locke breaks my heart like no other character ever. The stuff that Not!Locke said about him was so spot on, and so heartbreaking. He is the saddest character ever created, and Terry O'Quinn give powerhouse performances. The difference in cadence in his speech between Not!Locke and Real!Locke are subtle but genius. Not!Locke's utter lack of respect for Real!Locke is interesting, as are the reasons he chose Locke. Does your brain hurt trying to figure it all out? Mine too.
  • WTF is the temple? Who are those people? Why am I being handed MORE questions with 16 episodes left, show? Come on!
  • Did I mention CHARLIE!!!!! and BOONE!!!!
  • I thought maybe they had actually killed Sayid off. Then I remembered: you can't kill Sayid. That man's indestructible.
  • If our people are really in the same time as the rest of the people, then the reunion between Sun and Jin is going to make me bawl. Remember when Jin was a total dick? Haha. I love that they reminded us, juxtaposing it with how badass he became.

I don't analyze this show well, because I don't theorize about it. I'm always wrong in my theories, and I tend to be more of an emotional watcher than analytical. I'm just glad it's back.

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danielletbd said...

Here's my five cents (which I may blog later):

I wasn't so bothered by Shannon not being there because BOONE (as you like to call him) makes mention that he tried to get her back. It just reads as one of those differences that are going to occur (like Desmond being on the plane) because of what they did in 1977 and how it impacts the future. The obvious example of this is that the island is submerged. So they didn't just snap themselves forward in time and stop their plane from crashing, they changed the energy on the island completely.

This is coming from someone who didn't want seasons 2-4, though, so it's a theory.

Also, the only flash sideways I really care about is the one where the plane didn't crash. Partially because I'm not super invested in some of the characters that were not on the plane and partially because it's the only one I consider realistic. I always wondered what would become of these people if they actually had to face the problems that plagued them when their plane crashed. Being stuck on the island offered its own problems, sure, but, in essence, it allowed them to bury their 'real world' ones.