Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Doctor Who news

The first three episode titles for Season 5 have been released:

  1. Episode 5.1 "The Eleventh Hour"
  2. Episode 5.2 "The Beast Below"
  3. Episode 5.3 "The Victory of the Daleks"

The first two were written by new showrunner Stephen Moffatt, who wrote two of my favorite episodes in the series, "The Girl In The Fireplace" and "Blink", so this most likely means those episodes will be just shy of brilliant. It's the third that worries me. Daleks, already? Again? You know, if you know me or have read this blog at all, that I love the Daleks, but at some point aren't we going to have to just let it be? How many times does the Doctor have to defeat those little trashcans before they're truly and actually defeated? Next thing we know we'll have yet another Cybermen episode.


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