Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lost is on everyone's mind, apparently.

This week's Entertainment Weekly cover will again have a LOST theme. I think it was just two issues ago that was also dedicated to the show. Either there isn't anything else interesting enough to write about, or this show really has taken over everyone's brains of late. My boyfriend asked me today why I felt the need to read people's reactions and rewatch an episode before I delete it from my DVR, as if these are strange behaviors. Based on what I'm seeing, I'm not the only one.

Last night's episode was fabulous. Brain bendy, full of WTFery goodness, mostly to do with my favorite, Locke. And Mocke/Flocke/Smocke, whatever he ends up being called by the fans. Not!Locke. Terry O'Quinn's on his way to his second Emmy for this role, I think.

And drunk Sawyer was fun too.

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