Thursday, July 8, 2010

Really? Damn it.

In the last few years, Comic-Con has gone from something only the nerds and sci-fi fans were interested in to an annual pimpfest for all things television and movies. In becoming such, I've grown less interested in it - I hate that kind of overwhelming enclosed crowd of people situation. It was hard enough when I went 4 years ago and we had to deal with 100,000 people. It's so much worse now.

But I digress. Despite my waning interest in going, there are always panels I wish I could just pop in and listen to without having to deal with the waiting in line for hours/thousands of people factor. Last year the panels I most wanted to see was Burn Notice and Caprica. This year, it's JOSS FUCKING WHEDON AND JJ FUCKING ABRAMS TOGETHER. Are you kidding me, Comic-Con? Next time just stab me in the heart.

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