Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jump on board.

I've been on the Robert Downey Jr. bandwagon ever since I was ten years old, when I saw The Pick Up Artist (by sneaking in to see it with a friend after my stepmother dropped us off, thinking we were going to see some kid's movie. Haha). I wanted to marry him. I've seen almost all of his movies. And now everyone and their mother love him. Sigh. But, it's doing great things for his career, like the rumor that he'll be playing Hef in a biopic called Playboy.

Good for you, RDJ. I always knew you were more than just a pretty face.

PS: Go see Iron Man if you haven't yet. It's awesome.


danielletbd said...

We never really hung out much when you were in LA (I'm a friend of Amanda's, and we met at one of her baseball parties), but your blog and mine will now be best buddies because I am going to link to you from mine 'cause it's awesome. I especially love "Your Kind of Political Issue"

Amanda said...

I loved this news when I heard it...I hope it turns out to be true. PERFECTION.