Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Maybe it's for teens, but it feels like it's for me.

I never would have guessed that I'd love a show like Gossip Girl. I safely avoided all things The OC and One Tree Hill, gave Dawson's Creek a brief try before I couldn't stand another second of it, and kept to my fringe shows like Veronica Mars for my teen angst fix.

But Gossip Girl isn't really for teens in the way that Buffy wasn't really for teens. It's smart and snarky and well written with great characters and great clothes. It takes itself just seriously enough, but not so much that it doesn't know it can be a punchline too. And don't get me started on the cast.

No, scratch that. Get me started on the cast. Besides my future boyfriend Matthew Settle Photobucket playing a DAD of all things (and don't get me started on that, because I refuse to think of him as anything fatherly) and Kristen Bell fabulously being the voice of Gossip Girl herself, the "teenagers" on the show are insanely gorgeous too. In that way that seems believable for a show about rich prep school kids on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.


Plus, they had that brilliant ad campaign right before the show came back from the strike:


And between last week's new should-be-strange-but-is-actually-really-cute coupling of Nate and Vanessa, and this week's Jenny's boyfriend is Eric's gay boyfriend, Georgina has a Serena sex tape AND Serena's big reveal at the end (MURDER!!), well, OMFG. Definitely the best teen drama in years.

Plus about 5,000 different colored tights, headbands, and shoes. And a great black and blingy dress worn by Blair. The only thing missing was a shenanigan involving Chuck, but I'm sure he'll be back next week.

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