Saturday, May 17, 2008

I heart Cylons

Holy crap. How good was Battlestar Galactica last night? I had no idea that Alessandro Juliani could sing! (Bear McCreary, the composer of all the BSG scores, blogs about 'Gaeta's Lament' here). Are we going to start taking bets on whether or not Gaeta is the final Cylon? I've kinda been thinking he is for a while. Think about it:
  • The other four were instrumental in the rebellion on New Caprica; Gaeta is the only other person as instrumental, though the other four didn't know it was him until they almost airlocked him.
  • When you think of it that way, four known resistance leaders = four known (to us) Cylons in the final five. One 'secret' resistance leader = the 'secret' member of the final five. Makes sense, right?
I really can't think of anyone else it could be. They shocked us with the Four reveal last season, and while I think it would make sense to shock us again, it almost makes more sense for us to follow the clues and figure it out as he does.

Plus, he was singing, and music was a key factor in the revelation of the Four. I think that's why Sam was a little freaked out that Gaeta was singing. Well, that and because he's a Cylon and he shot someone, which could get him airlocked when they find out what he is. (But it won't because I say so. No airlocking Sam).

And now the two week wait for some answers begins. Which is nothing compared to the probably six month wait we'll have to endure between when this part of the season ends and the next part begins, but right now it feels like a long time.

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