Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gossip Girl on DVD

Warner Home Video has announced that Season 1 of Gossip Girl will be out on August 19th. It's listed as being really expensive, but that's not a surprise, with some decent extras (gag reel, unaired scenes). But my question is this: they couldn't have come up with a better picture for the cover?

What is that mess? Blair looks like she smelled something awful, Nate's hair is retarded, Chuck is smiling, and not in his usual sexy-smarmy way, Little J is all smiley as if she's cuddled up to Chuck (which is unlike her anyway since she's a sour bitch) and then there's the hand-holding, gag-inducing Serena and Dan all up front and center. Obviously the people who put this together have never seen the show.

If they had, the cover would just have this image:

See a high-res image of the cover along with all the details here.

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