Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Remember when Will Smith wasn't crazy?

Well, there it goes. My respect for Will Smith has officially left the building. Why? Because he has started a school with strong ties to Scientology. I really wanted to believe that Will and Jada weren't actually dabbling in Scientology just because they are friends with the Cruises and Beckhams. And while it's not officially confirmed that the Smiths have joined that "religion", the evidence seems more than circumstantial.

I still might see Hancock, I have to be honest. But it's all for Bateman.

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danielletbd said...

I don't think a Scientology school is any weirder than a Catholic school. I really don't. Maybe that says more about me than I'm willing to admit.

But yes: Hancock for Bateman! It's why I saw The Kingdom and Smokin' Aces, and I'm not sorry I did.