Thursday, July 10, 2008

How do these things happen?

Somehow Sherlock Holmes has become the new, hip thing to make movies about. Just the other day I heard that Sasha Baron Cohen and Will Ferrell were rumored to be doing a Sherlock Holmes movie. Then today I read that Robert Downey Jr. - who is having a hell of a year - signed on to do a - wait for it - Sherlock Holmes movie. And until I read the whole article, I assumed it was the same movie that I'd heard about before. Two different movies, one a comedy, one more closely based on the books, and a comic book. One from the Apatow camp, one from Guy Ritchie. It's like Alexander all over again, though in that case, the Leonardo DiCaprio one never got made anyway.

But still. How does this happen as often as it does?

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