Friday, July 18, 2008


I remember working on trying to get some actors auditions for this movie, and being excited about the cast. Billy Crudup. Patrick Wilson. Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Matthew Goode. Carla Gugino. Malin Ackerman. All made of awesome. But as I've never read the graphic novel, I honestly didn't have any idea what it was about or what it should look like, or even if it would be good.

And then I watched the trailer today. And now you should too.

Oh. My. God.

Oh, here's a YouTube for the trailer, but if you can watch it bigger on the Apple site, you should. The bigger the better.


danielletbd said...

I wonder if Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Billy Crudup became good friends on set and Billy soured his opinion of Mary Louise Parker because they're no longer together which kind of sucks for her, but makes me happy cause I love hiim, and now he's on the market again.

Jaime said...

LMAO! I didn't even think about the fact that they've both dated Mary Louise Parker. I wonder if Billy cried on JDM's shoulder when Claire Danes cheated on him with Hugh Dancy.

Oh the tangled webs of celebrity dating.