Thursday, July 24, 2008

How romantic has a list of the 25 Most Romantic Scenes in Film...since 1983. I've seen most of these movies, and I agree with most of them. However, they left off a few that I love, so I thought I'd add my own.Jake Ryan celebrates Samantha's birthday with her after her whole family forgot, in Sixteen Candles.

Sam shows up on the pitcher's mound in Never Been Kissed.

Large gets off the plane in Garden State.

Jason Bourne washes, dyes and cuts Marie's hair in The Bourne Identity.

Guy kisses Faye in That Thing You Do!

Will buys the copy of Jane Eyre for April that she'd lost when she was a kid in Definitely, Maybe. (I couldn't find a screencap of that exact scene).

Donnie sacrifices his life for Gretchen's in Donnie Darko.

Have any to add? Leave me a comment!

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