Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Poor Corey Haim

Last season of The Two Coreys was a trainwreck because they both were delusional in different ways. This season it's pretty far past trainwreck. I think we're watching someone on the very edge, at rock bottom, more rock bottom than he's ever been before, and it's incredibly sad. Corey Haim wasn't my generation's best teen actor or anything, but he was cute and appealing. Now...I have a feeling he's beyond help. And the really sad thing is that Corey Feldman is a recovering drug addict, and he of all people should know how hard it is for someone who is an addict to stay clean, and yet he seems to have zero sympathy for his so-called best friend of 20 + years. He gets annoyed. Way to be a bro, bro.

This is a clip from next week's episode of The Two Coreys in which it seems that Haim is using again.

Though things can't be that bad if two months ago (long after the above clip was filmed) Haim was seen shooting the sequel to Crank in LA. Good luck to you, Corey!

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