Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I don't like Katherine Heigl

This isn't a surprise to anyone who knows me, but I think Katherine Heigl is an ungrateful bitch. My dislike for her started when she was the only cast member on Grey's Anatomy to hold up contract negotiations because she wanted more money than they were offering her. Then her name was pronounced wrong at the Emmy's and she made a snotty comment about it, and then later brought it up numerous times (including in her acceptance speech). Then she talked shit about Knocked Up, the movie that put her on the map as a "movie star", not just a TV star. And then she put out the passive-aggressive statement about pulling her name from Emmy consideration because she didn't have the storylines to warrant it (ignoring the fact that the writers worked around her schedule as she was filming a movie while still filming Grey's).

And now it's rumored that she wants to get out of her Grey's contract. I say let her out! She adds NOTHING to the show anymore, and honestly hasn't put in a good performance since the second season finale right after Denny died.

(I do appreciate how she stood up for T.R. Knight after the Isaiah Washington thing happened though, so at least she's not completely dead inside).


danielletbd said...

I love that she thinks she's the sh*t when really, she should be grateful she's just not doing crap like "My Father The Hero" anymore.

Andy said...

Firstly she wasnt the only cast member to hold out on contract talks. Patrick Dempsey was one of those as well but only Heigl's got publicised. And why shouldnt she have? Why should she get less than her co-stars..she is the biggest name on the show without doubt..she has the Emmy...the movie career. What the heck have the others done? Im sure if you were working in your job you just accept whatever - doesnt matter if you co workers get paid more than you for the same job. You dont care. You just take it. Right....what a ridiculous comment you are making.

Secondly she didnt talk shit about Knocked Up. She was asked about how it portrayed women and she said she felt it was a bit sexist and the women were portrayed as humourless whilst the men were goofy and slackers. She was right 100%. She qualified this by saying she knew this but understood it was necessary to exaggerate roles for the comedy. She also said she loved the movie and it was the best filming experience of her career. What did she do wrong? Nothing. Just someone trying to make headlines.

She was 100% right about her Grey's storylines..everyone moaned about George and Izzie. So the press can have opinions but she cant? How hypocritical.

In fact I dont think there is one element of truth in your pathetic rant.

Jaime said...

The contract negotiations happened the season BEFORE she was nominated for the Emmy. Only Patrick Dempsey was making more than she was from what I understand, and HE was the biggest name on the show when it started. The general public didn't know who Katherine Heigl was. If anything, Ellen Pompeo deserved to be paid higher considering she's the Grey in Grey's Anatomy, and Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson are both better actresses (and Sandra had been nominated for an Emmy before, so she had that as a negotiating factor). Whether Katherine said she loved working on Knocked Up or not, she still criticized it in a way that seemed like she didn't like it. And as for her storylines, I already pointed out that the writers admitted to giving her less to work around her movie filming schedule. She had no reason to complain about what type of stories she was getting to tell when she wasn't available to be there for better ones. If she wants a movie career, then have one, but she shouldn't shit on the job that put her on the map in the process.

Also, my blog, my opinions. It's all in good fun. I met Katherine Heigl once and she was perfectly nice to me. I just think she comes off as ungrateful in the press. I don't have to like her, or really defend why I don't. It's not like she cares what one person thinks. You shouldn't either.