Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"That's Ms. Chanandler Bong."

I'm sure this report isn't true, given that it was written in the Daily Mail (that's one of Britian's least reputable papers, isn't it?), but here's the rumor anyway: based on the success of the Sex and the City movie, there are now talks about a Friends feature film happening "in the next 18 months". Now, on one hand, I'd be there, in line, on opening day. Friends just might be, after Buffy, my favorite show of all time, and is definitely my favorite sitcom. I watch Friends more than I watch anything. I could probably quote the entire ten seasons to you right now if you asked me (but please don't. I'm not that confident about it). So, seeing those six actors together in those roles would make me happy, definitely. On the other this necessary? The show ended pretty perfectly, with everyone happy. In ten seasons it never stopped being funny, and now years after it's done, it's still funny. Do we need to mess with that?

On the other, other hand, will Paul Rudd be reprising his role of Mike "Crap Bag" Hannigan?

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