Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jensen Ackles is too perfect for this world

Some new/old pictures (from a 2006 photo shoot) surfaced this week of Jensen Ackles. It was actually this photo shoot that made me stop whatever I was doing online that day back in 2006 and go "Holy shit. He is really fucking gorgeous." And then I started watching Supernatural. Anyway...take a look.

No, really. He's flawless.


danielletbd said...

Have you seen his short film "The Plight of Clownana?" It's pretty funny. Also, someone sent me the Wendigo Dean Winchester bust. It's a handpainted Supernatural collectible of Jensen shooting demons (gun in each hand). It stares sultrily (is that a word?) at me from my desk, and I no longer mind going into the office as much.

Jaime said...

I haven't seen that because of my intense fear of clowns. Even Jensen couldn't get me to watch it (though I made an exception for The Dark Knight).

danielletbd said...

haha well its not really about a clown. and sadly jensen isnt in it; he just worked behind the scenes.