Monday, August 11, 2008

Ah, it's contract negotiation time.


It happens every year. One or two cast members of a popular show decides that he or she or they deserve more money than they're currently making - because, you know, $150,000 an episode isn't nearly enough money to live on comfortably. Anyway, every time this happens, especially when a show is a true ensemble, I think: "Why don't these people band together like the cast of Friends did. If one got a raise, everyone got a raise. Everyone was paid equally and there was never any behind the scenes drama or in-fighting." (Are you listening, Katherine Heigl?)

So, this year it's Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly. Do either of them carry Lost on their shoulders alone? No. Would the show survive without either or both of them? Possibly, but probably not. Do they deserve more money? I guess...but so do Terry O'Quinn, Josh Holloway, Jorge Garcia, Naveen Andrews, Elizabeth Mitchell, Henry Ian Cusick (if he's still on the show) and Michael Emerson.

I hate money. It makes everyone and everything ugly.

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