Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gossip Girl Spoilers

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Question: You've seen the first two Gossip Girl episodes?! Spill! -- Melissa
As I mentioned in my Gossip Girl premiere wrap party video, I got the distinct impression that the show is laying the groundwork for a possible Rufus-Vanessa pairing. The signs are subtle, but they're there. I'm curious to see what you guys think. Elsewhere, there's a scene between Leighton Meester and guest cougar Madchen Amick in the second episode that was so good I nearly wept. No surprise that exec producer Stephanie Savage -- who's second only to Patrick Mulcahey (Santa Barbara) when it comes to writing bitchtastic dialogue -- penned the outing. Oh, and many words have been used to describe Chace Crawford's Nate -- hot, sexy, tasty, yummy, etc. Well, by the end of the second ep, you'll be able to add male prostitute to that list.

Let's discuss.

  1. Rufus/Vanessa? First of all: gross. Yes, it will be hot because Matthew Settle and Jessica Szohr are hot people, but her best friend is his son. Sick sick sick.
  2. Blair vs. the Cougar? AWESOMESAUCE.
  3. Nate...male prostitute? Will he be naked? Will he look like this picture? Then I approve.

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