Friday, January 16, 2009

Gossip Girl spin off news

It's apparently going to be a prequel. About Lily. In the 80's. Which...I guess is pre-Rufus by a lot since they've made a big to-do about Lily and Rufus being together in the 90's/Lincoln Hawk being a one hit wonder 90's alternative band, etc. (which, by the way, I always picture as Gin Blossoms-y). The whole Lily/Rufus timeline is a little sketchy anyway, so maybe they'll just say fuck it and find some adorable Matthew Settle clone to play young Rufus.

*I know I'd normally post a picture of Kelly Rutherford for a story about Lily, but damn, Matthew Settle is hot.


Alea said...

Oh wow, that could be pretty good actually!

Chrystie said...

I don't know how I feel about this.
I read a bunch more info (at Television Without Pity, though I forget where the forum poster linked from) and I just ... don't see how it can work. We already KNOW the (boring, IMO) Lily/Rufus history, except for the outcome of the storyline they are currently forcing down our throats on GG, so how are they going to drag it out into a whole SHOW? Episode, maybe. Miniseries-type thing, even. But a show? Are they really that interesting? Plus, you're right. The timeline is so screwed up on those two anyway. And apparently it's going to be set in LA, ugh. Nothing against LA, but, there are enough shows that have been set there, and 90's grunge LA? Thanks no.

Jaime said...

I agree with you, Chrystie. It seems like they're reaching, trying to figure out a way to cash in on the GG success, and Jenny Humphrey just isn't an interesting enough character to carry her own show (like she does with the It Girl spin-off books). Personally, I could do without a lot of Lily/Rufus stuff despite my absolute love of Matthew Settle. The only characters that actually interest me completely on the show are Chuck and Blair...and sometimes Nate. Everyone else kinda puts me to sleep. I don't think the spin-off will work, at all.