Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Golden Globes Fashion, Part 2

These dresses are fine; beautiful, even. But they just didn't get any strong reaction out of me one way or the other.

The Ones That are Pretty and Typical

I might be leaning more towards dislike on this one, actually. She looks ridiculously skinny, and kinda goth, which Angelina did better when she won her Oscar.
Penelope Cruz always chooses pretty dresses, and looks great in them. I wish I liked her more.

People seem to either love or hate Olivia Wilde's dress. I'm stuck somewhere in the middle on it.
Love the color!
I like that this dress makes teeny Isla Fisher look like she could be tall, but I'm not sold on the color.
I had more of a negative reaction to Drew's Marilyn hair than the dress. The dress is kinda pretty.
I still don't know how I feel about Jenna Fischer's dress. I like that it's different, but...it almost feels like a spiffed up sundress.

I'm also bordering on disliking Blake Lively's dress. I don't like periwinkle, and I think it fits her in a weird way that makes her look chubby in places we know she isn't.
This is one of the most boring dresses I've ever seen Angelina in.
I really like the color of January Jones' dress, but I'm not sold on all the stuff going on in the front.
I love the deep purple and the beading, but that's all, really.
I wish Beyonce would wear a different style dress. She always wears these strapless, curve-hugging, slit up to the hip dresses, which, yes, look great on her. But it'd be nice to see her try something new.
Everyone loved this one. I...don't, really. And I hate her shoes.
It's pretty. It's...kind of typical.

Coming next: the ones I hated!

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