Friday, January 16, 2009

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose!!

Also returning tonight is the most beautiful show ever, Friday Night Lights. Even if you haven't watched the previous two seasons, please check it out. I promise you, it's a lovely, wonderful show that needs all the viewers it can get. You won't find more realistic characters more dynamically acted anywhere on TV.

NBC, 9 PM.


Alea said...

My friend who also doesn't like sports (sports = zzz) said I should check this out. I trusted him and watched the first episode, I think i just need a few discs to plow through to really get into it.

Jaime said...

It's a brilliant show. I wasn't a huge fan of football before I started watching it either (now I am) but it's not really about football. It's about people, relationships, small town lives. It's amazing.

Alea said...

Yeah that I will like. I just need to watch it!