Friday, June 6, 2008

Ultimate Fighting Championship?

It was a big night for the Red Sox last night...Fight Night. I missed the game because I was at work, but I heard all about it when I got home. And, from reading about it this morning, here's what seems to have happened:

  1. On Wednesday Coco Crisp slid into second in an attempt to steal. The Rays' shortstop tried to block the bag with his knee, causing Crisp to roll his thumb, but apparently he also slid in with his cleats out, which is a no-no.
  2. Last night, the Rays' pitcher James Shields threw a ball that hit Crisp in the leg, which he later admitted he intended to hit Crisp in retaliation for whatever happened the night before.
  3. Crisp charged the mound. Fists started flying. Both dugouts emptied.
  4. Crisp and Shields were ejected once the dust had settled.
And then more stuff happened. Lester threw a ball that hit one of the Rays. Manny Ramirez and Youkilis got into a heated argument in the dugout and had to be separated. Ellsbury rolled his right wrist and was pulled from the game. Earlier Pedroia had been hit with the ball as well. Manny had a pinch runner because his hamstring was giving him trouble, so he was out later in the game too. With Ortiz out due to an injury possibly for the rest of the season, Manny in the DH position, Coco ejected and Ellsbury potentially out, the outfield is looking pretty rough.

But the Sox swept the Rays, so, for now, they're the top team in the American League East. Little victories, I guess.

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