Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscars Fashion: The Good

Ok, so the dresses weren't all bad. Underwhelming, yes, but not terrible. I would have liked to see more color out there, but at least it wasn't a sea of black.

My favorite of the night was Amanda Seyfried's Armani Preve, which in this picture actually looks sea foam green rather than just plain white. I love the sculpting, and it fits her like it was made with her in mind. Also, people in the media? Her last name isn't that hard to pronounce. It's SAY-FREED.

Marchesa did it again with Vera Farmiga's gorgeous dress in that gorgeous...what is that - fuchsia? Magenta? Whatever, it's fantastic, and goes so well with her skin color. She's just so pretty anyway - and looks so much like an older version of my friend Jenni, which just makes me like her more, to be honest.

While I do think that Demi Moore looks a bit too skinny now, this Versace dress looks lovely on her. Wish it was a little brighter rather than pale pink, but that seemed to be the trend last night.

I haven't seen Precious (based on the blah blah blah), nor do I plan to, but I adore Gabourey Sidibe based on the interviews I've seen her do, and I love that she's clearly having such a great time being famous. Her interview with Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet yesterday was hilarious. I think this Marchesa, especially the color, looks wonderful on her. I can't wait to see The Big C, which she'll be starring in along side Laura Linney. Hopefully it'll be less depressing than the movie she's famous for.

In Style (dot com) says this Versace that Elizabeth Banks wore is lavender in color, but I'm not convinced. It looked gray on TV, and in this picture. I do think it's a pretty dress, but again, in a different color it would have been stunning.

I really love Rachel McAdams' Elie Saab's watercolor-y print dress and she looks just beautiful in it.

And finally, Sandra Bullock's metallic Marchesa, which we debated every time she was on screen over the color. Is it silver? Is it gold? We all knew it would look amazing next to the little gold statue, which is what mattered most.

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Walker said...

Armani PRIVE.

And I thought it was SIGH-FRID, since that's how she says it.