Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lambert fans, calm down!

I guess it's really hard to accept that Kris Allen won over Adam Lambert for all the Glambert fans. I know, it was shocking. But sometimes this happens, people. Remember when Taylor Hicks won over Katharine McPhee? She was the front-runner all season, and that douchebag managed to pull out a win. So, really, chill out. Adam's not upset that he lost, and he's super supportive of Kris. It wasn't because people are "anti-gay", it wasn't because some local AT&T employees went to parties in Arkansas and gave away demo phones which could be used to text in votes. It was because of two simple things:

  1. Danny Gokey got voted out, and his voters were more likely to vote for Kris than Adam based on musical styles alone
  2. Kris had built a fanbase that rallied for him. I know I voted more the night before the finale than I had all season, even when I was voting for Matt and Kris combined each week.
That's it. Let the kid have his win. Stop trying to take it away from him. He deserved it as much as Adam. And besides, it's a fucking talent show, people. They'll both make albums, they'll both either succeed or fail based on those albums, and that's it.


danielletbd said...

If Adam had won, all the press would be about how the judges set up the win. No one can just let anyone have their moment anymore!

Jaime said...

Agreed. They're damned if they do and damned if they don't, and meanwhile, poor Kris is out there thinking he didn't deserve to win. It's retarded.