Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wolverine sequels already in the works

Is it too soon? The movie just opened five days ago. But then again, this is how the movie industry runs things now. Instant gratification, instant sequels based on nothing other than executives drooling over potential fanboy money. The thing is, and I haven't seen Wolverine yet, from what I've heard from my comic book loving friends, the Wolverine movie isn't that great. However, I'm not a comic book purist and they are, so I'm still reserving judgment.

I still think it's fairly premature to announce a Wolverine sequel, along with several other X-Men related projects: Deadpool, another origin story starring Ryan Reynolds; Magneto, an origin story I'm guessing won't star Ian McKellan; and X-Men: First Class, which will be written by Josh Schwartz, the teenage/geek expert extroidenaire behind The OC, Gossip Girl and Chuck.

Regardless of how I feel about how the film industry runs things, I'll definitely see all of these movies. I might not be a purist, but I think that actually helps me enjoy the movies more. They're mindless, fun entertainment. Plus, an entire movie with Ryan Reynolds kicking ass? I'll take it. Now where's that Gambit movie?


The_Brain said...

I wonder what material will be used in the script for "Wolverine sequel". Unless they explore more into the moments right before he joins the X-Men, the comic fans will be easily alienated if they use the same story over and over again.

ps: Forget Gambit, I want "Agent Zero" movie.

Jaime said...

Like I said, I don't read the comics, so I don't actually know who Agent Zero is. My whole thing with Gambit is that he's played by Taylor Kitsch, who I love, and I hear he's a pretty badass character.

I have no idea what the Wolverine 2 movie will be about. I've heard that there's a lot of stuff in this Wolverine movie that was already covered in X2, so clearly they're not being all that creative.

Ayabonga said...

Totally agree! But amen to u on the Gambit film!! He's always been my fav! And they got the right guy to play him in the Wolverine film!!