Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Idle Idol talk

Kris Allen was the only person to choose a current, moving song from a film on last night's Idol, and in my opinion he killed it, in a good way.

Everyone else chose the same shit we've been hearing year after year on this show, including what may be the two worst Bryan Adams songs ever (sorry, Matt and Anoop). Adam was Adam, again making my ears bleed, but at least he was ADAM about it. I appreciate his showmanship every week, even if I usually can't stand to listen to him. Kris and Adam were definitely the best of the night. And as much as I hate to say it, I think Matt will be in the bottom two again, but I think it's Lil's week to go. As pretty as The Rose is, it was, once again, boring. She needs to go back to her family, because an interesting performer she is not.

My fingers are crossed that Matt makes it through, and if he does land in the least voted for position, that the judges enact that Veto we've been hearing so much about all season.


Anonymous said...

I agree that Kris was utterly fantastic. What was Randy even talking about?!

I love Adam, but can see what you're saying, and appreciate that you can appreciate him despite not liking him, haha. I honestly think he should win the competition if only because he is so far above it, even if his thing isn't everyone's thing.

I fear for you that Matt is done, and probably deservedly so. Sooner the boy realizes JT he is not, the better. But I don't think he'll be realizing it any time ever, and every time he even tries to be 'Matt' instead, it's ... blah.

Agree on Lil, but I think she might beat Matt out if it comes to it. Also I don't think the judges will save either of them. The only people I see them saving are Alison or Adam, or maybe Danny (ew).

Jaime said...

I never know what Randy is talking about, and I think he's completely irrelevant and pointless on this show. I mean, half the time he gets not only the names of established artists wrong, but the contestants too! Kris was fantastic last night, and by far the best.

I am always torn on Adam. I like him as a person, and he's for sure a brilliant performer, but he's so over the top that it makes me cringe sometimes. But then, I am really not a fan of musical theater, and he is that genre personified. However, clearly he's winning, and deservedly so. I just keep wishing he was more Bowie than he ever is. He keeps treading into the Axl Rose only-dogs-can-hear-you range of his voice, and it's...unpleasant much of the time.

I fear for Matt. I like him so much, and I think he has so so so much potential, but this might be it for him. Maybe he'll make a career out of his piano dueling thing, and end up in LA. That would be fun.