Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We interrupt this hiatus for something completely self-aware

Surprisingly self aware, actually. I have to say, while most of the time I think Lindsay Lohan actually is crazy - the US Weekly interview with her is a little nuts - then I remind myself that the girl is 22 and has been famous for half her life, so she probably doesn't know how to be what we would consider "normal". And who wasn't a little nutty at times when they were 22?

So, this Funny or Die video that Lindsay did is awesome, and I applaud her for doing it.

Now, back to unpacking.


danielletbd said...

That's great! More celebs need to do that! I'm thinking Clooney should be the next one!

Jaime said...

I saw poor responses to it on some other blogs, but I thought it was nice to see her make fun of herself. I still think she's mostly crazy, but that might not entirely be her fault.