Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Damn, Kris Allen is awesome

Once again, for the second week in a row, Kris Allen gave what I feel was the best performance on American Idol last night. He did a stripped down, Mraz-y version of "She Works Hard For The Money", and he did it brilliantly. I couldn't find a video that actually showed him performing, so this one (the audio of the performance) will have to do:

Also, that boy looks like this with his shirt off:

His wife is a lucky girl.


danielletbd said...

Haha I was looking for the obligatory shirtless shot for my Hottie blog, too! You found a much better one than I ;)

Here's the thing about Kris: he's adorable, and he's talented, but I don't think he'll ever win. For one thing, he's too low key, and for another, he has the kind of laid-back, this all comes easily to me style that is endearing but countless frat boys who pick up a guitar also share. I have known quite a few in my real life who have the same acoustic style, and they're all very good, but I just don't think they're American Idol winner good. Regardless, I hope Kris puts out an album in the style of Bryan Greenberg or Jason Manns, and I will scoop it right up!!

Jaime said...

Oh, I don't think Kris will win either. I already know it's going to be Adam unless something completely random happens (which would kind of be awesome now that they've used up the Veto for Matt). But I like Kris a lot, and I like the style of music that he does - Jason Mraz is one of my favorites ever, and Kris is soooo Mraz-like - so I'll definitely be buying his album when it comes out.

PS: Bryan Greenberg as in the cute guy who was in October Road, or, even better, The Perfect Score?

danielletbd said...

Yeah, I agree, and it makes me sad because I can't stand Adam (as a singer).

Yeah, Bryan released a solo album a couple of years ago and played some smaller LA places (The Mint, House of Blues). He was just in Bride Wars and Nobel Son, and he hs The Good Guy with Alexis Bledel coming out next.

I kind of love him :)

Jaime said...

I'll have to check this album out! I think he's adorable. He may be what it takes to get me to see Bride Wars. Much as I love Kate and Anne...that movie looks a little like torture.

I don't mind Adam when he's singing soft, but when he screeches I want to die. But he's totally winning, I've known that from the beginning.

danielletbd said...

Bryan is BARELY in "Bride Wars." Have you ever seen "Unscripted?" It was the pseudo reality show Clooney produced/co-directed for HBO about 3 struggling actors who all played themselves. Bryan was one of the stars in that, which is how he first crossed my radar :)

Jaime said...

I haven't seen Unscripted. Is it available on Netflix? I'll have to check.

danielletbd said...

I bet it is. Or you can move back to LA and borrow mine.

And also: "Ten Inch Hero!!!"

Jaime said...

I promise I'll be moving back sometime next year. Don't leave before I get back! (Also, I'll be there at Halloween, it's a tradition, and this time YOU HAVE TO COME TO THE PARTY! No excuses!)

Ten Inch Hero! It's in my queue. I should move it up to the top, huh?

danielletbd said...

haha yes its Jensen with a neck tattoo, blue mohawk, nose ring, and kilt!!

Oh and have you heard the new tabloid rumors of Adam and Kris' AI feud?

Jaime said...

I've seen all the pictures and stuff from Ten Inch Hero. And, as hot as Jensen all mohawked and tattooed up is, I kinda prefer him regular. unlike me. I like my boys a little edgy, normally. LOL

I haven't heard about the Adam/Kris feud! Do tell!!