Thursday, February 19, 2009

Remember this guy?

If you, like me, watched Rock Star: INXS obsessively a few years ago, then you do. JD Fortune, the hottie that won the, um, "coveted" role of replacing the perfect Michael Hutchense has apparently been fired from the band and is now once again living in his car. I'd feel bad for him, except that he willingly used "all of his remaining money" to pay for a solo album to be produced. So, he'd rather be homeless with a record that no one is going to buy than find a fucking job and live in a studio apartment or something. Classy.


danielletbd said...

Yeah I don't feel bad for him either because its a choice he made but I kind of get where he's coming from.

I paid an upfront fee to self-publish my book, and I haven't seen a return, let alone a profit yet, but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat because I'm an artist and want to at least say I put my stuff out there. I just hope people will find it, buy it, and like it!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comment, though I am by no means an artist so can't speak from personal experience.

Yeah, there's no need to pity him, but it doesn't sound like he was asking for that ... so conversely there's really no need to judge his level of class because he chose to actually take the chance and use his money to attempt to do what he wants, as opposed to use it to rent an apartment he can hopefully afford to keep after getting that "fucking job." Speaking of ... couldn't he still get a job even while living in the car? I'm sure stranger things have happened. Or worse things. Think about the state of the economy and all the bum 'artists' and dreamers who don't even take the chance, but mooch off their parents and whine at their fucking jobs all day. Also classy.
(Realizing I sound harsh, sorry! Just disillusioned by the state of people lately.)