Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Fashions

Is it bad to admit that I'm always disappointed when there aren't any real trainwrecks on the red carpet? Tilda Swinton doesn't even count; she always dresses weird. Out of all of the dresses, I only really hated Jessica Biel's. (What was that? My BFF appropriately asked if she was wearing a sheet). On the other hand, no one blew me away. Kate Winslet's dress was interesting and different and fit her perfectly. Sarah Jessica Parker's was glamorous and the color not one seen often. Penelope Cruz, I must admit, always chooses beautiful gowns. Even Heidi Klum's hot pink dress wasn't as bad as I thought upon a closer look - though she was wearing far too much clunky jewelry. I'm not a huge fan of mermaid silhouettes, and I think Melissa George's dress isn't pretty at all, but it's still not atrocious. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be Anne Hathaway's.

So, instead, I'll just post these for the heck of it, with minimal commentary.

I really loved Taraji P. Henson's necklace.

I love that Leslie Mann kinda looks like she's wearing a disco ball.

Freida Pinto hasn't failed to wear gorgeous dresses at all of the awards, so it's kind of sad that her Oscar gown is a bit of a disappointment. She looks great in it, but...what's up with that one lace sleeve?

I would like Amanda Seyfreid's dress a whole lot more if that bow weren't there.

In related news, the photographers are kind of pissed that some stars opted to not walk the red carpet. I wonder how the designers feel about that, too.

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