Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh Charisma, why?

Charisma Carpenter has been cast in a guest starring role on CSI...which will be a complete misuse of her talent, I'm sure. She's awesome, and deserves better than one-shots on bland old procedurals. If anything, she'd work well on Bones, and at least then they could showcase the built in chemistry she has with David Boreanaz.


Nikki said...

While I definitely agree that I wish she wasn't stuck doing this one shot guest star appearances on TV shows, being on CSI will get her some awesome exposure. It's one of the #1 shows on TV and gets 17-20 million viewers a week. So, that's definitely an advantage :)

I still don't know why she doesn't have her own television show. They need to give her a show and now! She's really underrated and she's amazingly gifted. She's got two movies coming up(one on the sci-fi channel and one she's filming in England, as I type this).

I don't watch 'Bones' anymore, but I don't want the crazy, fanatical Booth/Brennan shippers hating on Charisma for being brought in as a love interest for Booth. 'Bones' was a good show. Not so much, these days, imo. So, she deserves better. However, Charisma has amazing chemistry with David Boreanaz. I thought she always had the best chemistry with him. *sighs* Oh how I miss watching them on screen together. Cordy/Angel still have my heart lol

danielletbd said...

Speaking of Bones, have you seen the kickass spread in Emmy Magazine on the crew of that show? They look like they're having so much fun!!