Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vampire Diaries Season 2 Promo

I think they all look skinnier. How that's possible for Ian Somerhalder I'll never know.


danielletbd said...

Photo manipulation, though I will say that Paul Wesley never eats. To the point where a publicist had to apologize to a blogger I know because he was being a bit snippy towards her.

Publicist: "Sorry about that; he's hungry."
Blogger: "But we just had lunch."
Publicist: "No, I mean, he's always hungry."

Stupid fad diets!

Jaime said...

Well, Paul was the one I thought looked strikingly different, weight wise. If it's because he doesn't eat, that's really sad. I know he plays a vampire and all, but looking half dead isn't cool in real life. I like that Nina still has hips (she's super thin, but still curvy). Ian can't afford to lose any weight. The guy has zero body fat!