Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Yes, I know, I wasn't looking forward to this new, younger Doctor on Doctor Who. I often referred to it as Doctor Who 90210 before the new season aired. Part of that was just my perception on how Matt Smith looked as the Doctor, and how young Karen Gillan looked as the companion.

And then I saw the first episode of the new season and was won over within, I'd say, 2 minutes. Matt Smith is fabulous. Possibly better than my beloved David Tennant (which my friend Michelle already called blasphemy on me for). His superiority to the Doctors who preceded him remains to be seen, but I'm happy to hear Matt will have the chance to win us all over and make us love him at least through 2013.

In addition to Matt Smith, I have enjoyed the new companion Amy Pond, even though I think she's a little bratty. There hasn't been a companion I've liked anywhere near as much as I like Rose Tyler (and I'm still holding out for a possible Rose Tyler appearance because why not?). I didn't love Amy's boyfriend Rory at first, but over the course of the season he became my second favorite companion (after Rose). Rory is the boy who waited, and he deserves his place in the TARDIS.

And finally, is there anyone cooler than River Song? With Matt Smith's being contracted for a while, I'm hoping we'll get much, much more back story and explanation on River. Who she is and how she met the Doctor and what exactly their relationship is. I'm still betting on future wife.

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