Friday, September 19, 2008

Well, it's about time.

I've been saying for a couple years now that Supernatural is a good show. I've talked it up to all my friends, and my family, and have managed to sway a couple of them into watching the show at least sometimes if not consistently. It's struggled with ratings from the very start, but has always had a strong enough fan base to not actually be as close to the cancel bubble as many of the fangirls seem to think each spring when all the new shows are being announced. Also, the ratings system is antiquated and inaccurate, we all know this. DVR viewings, downloads, both legal and illegal, and website airings need to be more heavily factored in for all shows, not just the "struggling" ones. I know every week I don't watch Supernatural when it's actually on. I don't think I watch anything besides baseball and football when it's actually on.

That being said, Supernatural's ratings for its Season 4 premiere was up 33% from its Season 3 premiere. It helps that it didn't have any competition from The Office, 30 Rock, Grey's Anatomy or CSI, most of which premiere next Thursday, but still. Thirty-three percent! I'm thinking quite a few people caught up over the summer with DVDs.

If you're not watching, you should. The show is really very good. Plus, just about everyone cast on it is absolutely gorgeous. And I don't just mean the two leads.


danielletbd said...

Yay! I am so happy to hear that! I hope they keep bringing JDM back via flashbacks, too; I hate that they keep killing him off on shows. Oh and along those lines, I kind of hope they kill off "new Ruby;" that actress bugs me.

Jaime said...

I'm wondering if the flashback to when John and Mary first got together will be shot using JDM and...I'd be a lot cooler if I could remember the actress' name that played Mary. But since they're supposed to be younger they might not. But then, it is Supernatural, and they're not always perfect in execution, so my fingers are crossed to see JDM too. He's so fantastic and should be cast in everything.

I'm holding out any opinion on the new Ruby until I see more of her. I was skeptical about Katie Cassidy at first too, and she turned out ok.

Anonymous said...

New Ruby is superannoying. She was as flat and lifeless in that stupid ABC Family show about horses as she is in the few scenes last night. Staring and blinking is about all she can do to conjure up emotion.

Also, if anyone gets some Supernatural nookie, you'd best believe it's gonna be one of us....


Jaime said...

I'll take Jensen, you can have Jared. :D