Monday, September 22, 2008

Emmy Fashion Roundup

Sadly, there weren't any fashion disasters at last night's Emmy ceremony. Because you know we all watch for the clothes, and when no one wears anything outlandish, there's nothing to laugh at. Certainly not the "jokes" during the ceremony.

Here are the dresses I liked best.
I have never coveted a dress more than I covet this one that Lisa Edelstein wore. It's perfection.

I don't actually care about this dress one way or the other as far as silhouette and tailoring goes, but I love love love the color on Mary-Louise Parker.

Elie Saab always makes gorgeous dresses, and even though I'm not a huge fan of the ballerina look, Marcia Cross wears the hell out of this dress.

Sandra Oh pretty much always wears dresses that I like. I think she's got great style.

The mermaid silhouette suits Kate Walsh well.

Evangeline Lilly. I don't normally like nude-colored clothes in general, but this dress is so pretty.


danielletbd said...

I didn't really like Marcia's dress; I thought it made her look old. And as for fashion disaster: I guess no one really made a fool of themselves but the doily wearer came closest!

Sara said...

Decent blog, predictable taste in clothes.

Might consider a photo of of a more attractive woman if you're really going with that profile blurb. Or at least consider a toothbrush, and going up a size. Anorexia may be out but it don't mean back fat's in. Gotta be really hot to self-proclaim bitch and have it endearing.

Also, editing is your friend.

Constructive criticism, hun. Seems you think you should be famous. Try harder.

Jaime said...

Actually, I never claimed to want to be famous, and especially not for a goofy little blog I do to amuse myself. But thanks for telling me I'm fat and ugly. 7th grade is exactly what I'm aiming for in readers. XOXO!