Monday, May 31, 2010


Meet Kristoffer Polaha. He's pretty much the only reason I'm happy that Life Unexpected was renewed.


danielletbd said...


Did you ever read my (pre-Lux) articles about Kris? Back in 2009 I still did my Hottie of the Week column, and I picked him on May 28 2009. I also wrote him one of my "open letters" back in March 2008 because I had stumbled across a short he was in and wanted him to be in a web series I was kicking around at the time...

He's awesome!

Jaime said...

I'd never heard of him before Life Unexpected, so I don't think I read your articles about him. I don't love the show as much as I thought I would at the beginning, but I keep watching because he's really good in it, and stupid hot.