Friday, March 13, 2009

This isn't really necessary

Sure, the 1990 mini-series version of Stephen King's excellent book 'It' wasn't great, but at least it was 4 hours long, allowing for proper plot development. Now there's talk of a big screen remake, which, besides being "updated" to present time, will also surely have to edit out lots of information about the characters and their history as well as the town's history. Do not want!

Also, Tim Curry was absolutely perfect as Pennywise; just terrifying and evil. They'll never find someone better. I still can't look at him and not see the clown make-up.

I made a biiiig mistake by Google image searching just 'Stephen King's It' to find a picture for this post, BTW. More Tim Curry as Pennywise pictures than I should ever see. I almost cried. Fucking clowns!!


danielletbd said...

OMG I want to work on this! I mean, I completely agree that it's unnecessary and will never compare to the book, but I love it so much I want to be involved anyway!

Jaime said...

It'd be cool if you were just so I could say I know someone who's working on it! But otherwise, why is it happening?!