Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sexy time on Supernatural

According to Ausiello over at, there will be some shirtlessness happening soon on Supernatural:

One of the of the Winchester brothers will partake in a shirtless (and presumably pantsless) sex scene before the end of November sweeps. Even more shocking than that? The deed is done at a location Supe fans hold sacred.

Now, if I were to venture to guess, I'd say it'll be Dean in the Impala. Or is that just my wish?

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danielletbd said...

But are we sure it's modern day Dean? Because I heard rumors of an episode that flashes back to the boys when they were in high school, and I just can't see Dean defacing his precious car like that. My guess is maybe teenage Sam got rowdy in his big bro's backseat, and that's why Dean's so particular about the car and never wants him to touch it. Though I'd much prefer if it turned out your way.